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How to Make 2020 the Best Year of Your Life!


We all know that at the start of a ‘New Year’ is typically when our motivation peaks to set those goals for the year ahead. Most of us find that it’s fairly easy to set these goals. It’s usually about something that we’re either going to do or not do. Let’s face it, anyone can set goals, yet not many can actually follow through to achieve them.

Why most New Year Resolutions Fail
For a start, most people begin the new year with a massive hang-over. Let’s face it, what a way to set the scene for the year ahead? Symbolically, what we do the first day, really sets the pace for how the rest of the year will unfold. So, plan to start-off the new year with a great example of how the next 364 days will follow.

Another reason that so many people can’t evoke change is because they’re still holding on to the past. Until we can clearly identify our problems and learn our lessons from the past we can’t really let go. If we haven’t learnt our lessons, the future will always be based upon what we’ve always done in the past. We’ll be tripping over the same traps every day. Hence, we need to learn how to let-go of our past mistakes.

The third reason is that for many, they’re not truly clear about what they want, they’re not truly motivated about their desires and passion for the future. So, without clarity and tapping into the power of passion, most people simply stay stuck.

Next, many people are stuck in a ‘mindset. They’re sort-of hypnotised into a trance, with many unconscious behavioral patterns and programs, determining how their day unfolds, often without even knowing so. Also, many people love to be the victim of circumstances. They rather have excuses as to why they fail, and love to blame their failure upon others.

Now, you may find these next reasons initially a little difficult to grasp. To learn more – including how to turn things around for the better – if your a member – please click here – otherwise you need to become a member – please click here to apply to become a member

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