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Conscious evolution and the next ‘holistic’ stage of human civilization

I was fortunate to attend a talk today by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD,  an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Dr Bruce Lipton in his former professional career, was a medical school professor. He was teaching medical students about the nature of the body as being a machine, comprising biochemicals and controlled by … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day

  The essence of healing is the transformation of unconsciousness into a higher consciousness. Our word reflects many illusions, and it is our responsibility to choose our perception. Be aware of falling into mass hypnotic programming. Saint Valentine originated it seems from the Catholic Church. Legend supposedly recognizes that Valentine was a priest who served during … Continue reading

It’s Love Month

Love Yourself more  … with this Ultimate Health Discovery Package – only $97 (with a Total Value of $275) consists of Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA) – to determine hydration muscle/fat (BMI) ratios, cellular vitality and biological age,  EIS 3D Body scan to assess such parameters as cellular mitochondrial activity, interstitial fluid, pH, blood pressure, and activity … Continue reading