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Quick, Quick, Quick …

Quick, Quick, Quick … Hurry, Hurry, Hurry … its the human race … racing to be the first to get there, get it, have it, be it …. Yet, paradoxically, the faster we race toward the future, the more we lose it, the moment, being here now! Years ago,  I was fortunate to learn a number … Continue reading

St Patricks Day

Well, once again, ‘Fair Dinkum Aussies’ join others from around the world to celebrate the good ol’ Irish ‘St Patricks Day’, with a few jugs of warm green beer. ( actually usually just any excuse for some grogg and a party!)  Yet what is this really all about? Well its generally acknowledged that Saint Patrick was … Continue reading

100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

Today we, globally celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, as certain places around the world, many women still cannot get bank loans, have unequally paid or insecure jobs and lack property ownership rights. IWD is a day to draw attention to the challenges that remains before gender equality and is an opportunity to address the … Continue reading

Clean-up Australia Day

Clean up Australia Day was on 6th March 2011. Maybe it was just where I was, but I didnt see anyone cleaning up. And I dont blame anyone. Why clean-up someone elses mess …. is it just supporting the perpetrator to ‘mess-up’ again? I dont support dysfunction. Would it be smarter to stop the ‘citizens’  from … Continue reading