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Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management
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Tis Time – to Get Started!

Tis time – to get started … now that the silly season is over. We all know that the new year doesn’t really start till February … especially here on the Gold Coast. If last year wasn’t a good year for you … then put your seat belt on. With what’s happening, this year could be more challenging. … Continue reading

What Does 2023 Hold for You?

As you’re probably aware, there’s many different predictions for 2023. Yet, generally, it’s said to be a year of many more changes. These are likely to be both, big and small. Hence, also there’s chances of some challenges, disruptions, inconvenience and upsets. If we do some research, we’ll see that this is mostly in the … Continue reading

Breath Awareness

Sadly, so many people now-a-days breathe poorly. Along with this comes many problems. As an example, with habitual chest breathing, mouth breathing and over-breathing, there’s the likes of stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue, sleep weight problems. Then, these problems can also lead to so many chronic health issues. Yet, we can easily stop being a victim … Continue reading

Secret to Feeling Great

It may be considered that so many of our health issues are because our ‘mind and body are in conflict’. Simply put, while the mind is thinking one thing, the body is feeling something else. It’s a bit like a relationship gone wrong. So, the best way of enhancing our wellbeing is to get our … Continue reading

Bio-Energetic Solutions

In essence, ‘everything is energy’ … so what does this really mean? If we’re just focused on our seemingly physical aspect are we struggling under an illusion? … lets’ find out more. For thousands of years the ancient eastern mystics have hinted that beyond the seemingly physical world, there is a deeper reality where all … Continue reading

Spring Liver Cleanse

As folklore tells us, spring is the season when we traditionally do a ‘spring-clean’. It’s also known as when to do a liver cleanse. To get a good grasp of this let’s look at a few perspectives. Seasonal Correspondences In many ancient cultures, when we were more in-tune with nature, spring was clearly regarded as … Continue reading

Know Your Muscle-Organ-Emotional Correlations

We know that when we get stressed our muscles tend to get tense. This is often seen as a reflex reaction to help with guarding against injury. However, with chronic stress, muscles can become locked into a constant guarding state for prolonged periods of time. This may further cause a cascade of musculoskeletal compensatory mechanisms. … Continue reading

Do You Suffer from Back Pain?

So many people suffer with stiff neck and shoulders, lower back pain and restricted movement. Back pain is said to be the leading cause of disability. Statistics tell us that it costs us so much in lost work time and hence money. But not so acknowledged is also the loss of recreational activities and the … Continue reading

Back to Back Basics

So many people, so much of the time miss the basics. They somehow forget that our body is a reflection of nature. Simply, if you look at it, the trunk of our body is like the trunk of a tree, our legs are the roots of the tree under the ground, our arms are the … Continue reading

Solutions for Living a Happier Life!

So much of our health depends on our happiness. So, to improve our health we need to find ways to live a happier life. Yet, so often it’s actually our own limiting thoughts, sabotaging beliefs and defeating subconscious patterns that block us from getting what we want. So, to be successful we need to find ways … Continue reading