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How to Find, Ignite & BOOST Your MOJO!


Your ‘Mojo’ is your special ‘niche’ in life. It’s where you naturally shine more than anyone else. Sadly, so many people spend so much time doing what they hate, and as such don’t get the time to do what they really love. Death is not the final collapse into the grave, more so it creeps into our life along the way, each moment that we are not fully alive. Maybe you know someone too who has withdrawn from life.

Your Mission
Interestingly, to get the best grasp of our ‘Mojo’ we may ask; what are your main problems? For most people, living in the modern world, it’s lack of time and money. Accompanying this is usually concerns of health, security, relationships. This brings with it ways of trying to cope, along with stress, pain and fatigue.

What is Your Mojo
Your ‘Mojo’ is your special niche in life. It’s where you shine more than anyone else. Sadly, it has to be said, as most people are not doing what they love and consequently are doing what they don’t love. Ask yourself: What do you love? … what do you love doing … what do you love not doing … what are you not doing that you love … what are you doing that you don’t love?

Your Special Niche
In our modern-day western model there’s so often such a push for uniformity. We may see this from the likes of school uniforms, the latest fashion and trends, etc. However, it just so happens that each of us is unique in some way. This uniqueness is where we’re special, how we shine more than anyone else.

The Problem
Sadly, so many people are stuck so much a ‘mindset. They’re out of sorts, out of sync with nature and hence the true nature of themselves. They rather have excuses and simply blame their failure on others. This is because they have not taken this introspective time to contemplate and cultivate their own unique path in their life. Hence, they need to resolve their unconscious patterns so that their ‘Mojo’ can become a reality.

How to Find Your Mojo
Essentially, to really get in touch with your ‘Mojo’ we need inner-reflection. This is where we may have introspection, insights and intuitive guidance. For each of us, our ’Mojo’ is calling out to be heard, it’s just that we’ve been too busy, distracted to listen. From our own intuition we may learn what these ideas, thoughts are, how they’re conceived and how we can develop them to give birth to them, nurture and mature them.

How to Ignite Your Mojo
The key to igniting and initiating your ‘Mojo’ is to boost your vitality. The way to boost our vitality is from living an enhanced lifestyle. The more we enjoy what we’re doing, with greater enthusiasm, the more our vitality will be boosted. As you ignite your ‘Mojo’ you may become more inspired to follow your passion. Your ‘Mojo’ is what gets you excited and come alive. It’s your special way where you shine more than anyone else.

Living a Happier Life
Take time now to reflect upon your journey throughout life and ask; how much good quality time do you enjoy in activities that bring you pleasure? Likewise, you may find yourself in the situation whereas you are not able to be engaged in the activities that give you greater fulfillment and joy in life. It’s just the way it is, if you are not doing what you enjoy, if you are going against your grain you will become incongruent. Hence, you will find how this behaviour is reflected in many aspects of your life.

Learn More
We are all unique, and we all have special talents. To find, ignite and boost your ‘Mojo’ you need that environment which nurtures and promotes your true full expression to shine. You can learn more about this in the upcoming ‘How to Find, Ignite & Boost Your Mojo’ 1 day seminar and interactive ‘play-shop’ to help find your special niche in life.

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