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Essential Steps to Wellness


Living a Happier Life in the Modern World!
Although the terms health and wellness are often interchanged the World Health Organisation suggests that their meanings are quiet different. We may say that wellness, is more-so about living a healthy lifestyle. Wellness may be considered more-so about engaging pro-actively in becoming aware and consciously making choices towards living a more successful life. Wellness is more-so holistic, encompassing lifestyle aspects, and about the process of evolving and achieving our full potential. We know life may present us with challenges from time to time. Yet, for those on the path of wellness challenges may be seen more as opportunities. It’s about our chosen perspective. It’s the choice towards self-care and the aim to use opportunities towards enhanced happiness and supporting self-actualisation.

Empowering Wellness
A problem with the orthodox approach to medicine is that they typically only deal with the signs and symptoms. These are merely the tip of the iceberg. Yet, underlying each problem may lie hidden, larger issues to be addressed so that we may enjoy greater wellness. The current practice of western orthodox medicine is still deeply entrenched within the old Newtonian mechanical model. Natural therapies has recently been enjoying a re-emergence. This may be primarily due to dissatisfaction with orthodox approaches, an improved awareness of greater health options and pressure on society to change. You now have an opportunity to be educated in natural ‘self-care’ with the philosophy and practical aspects for empowering wellness. Empower your-self by engaging in the upcoming ‘Life-coaching’ course.

Natural – Not Alternative
We’re living in interesting times as perspectives are so often twisted. It’s crazy to consider natural therapies as alternative or even complimentary. Let’s face it, natural approaches to healing has really been around for as long as humankind. To get things into perspective, in contrast, the modern medical pharmaceutical industry has only been around relatively very recently. These drugs are really just the new kids on the block.

‘A natural approach to well-being is not alternative’ – Ra Bliss 1990

The further we deviate from nature, the more disease we’re likely to suffer. The closer to nature we are, the easier it is to heal. You can learn much more about various natural healing modalities in the upcoming ‘Life-coaching’ course

Awakening Awareness
Nowadays, we’re living in a very conditioned society. So many people are hypnotised into so many behavioural patterns and programs, often without even knowing so. When in a state of hypnosis we’re in a trance like state. The problem is that when we are asleep, we don’t know that we are asleep. For wellness, we need to awaken from that slumber and to reclaim our power. It’s not easy to awaken. Especially when it feels so comfortable while asleep. Awakening is arousing from a slumber and breaking-out of a stuck, limited paradigm. Self-awareness is an initial step in the ‘Solutions for Living a Better Life’ series of seminars and workshops. It’s been described as an insightful seminar for self-assessment and a wonderful way to get to know your-self better.

How to BEAT Stress, Pain & Fatigue
Sadly, so many people nowadays are suffering with stress, pain and fatigue. These ‘big 3’ modern-day scourges can have a huge negative impact on your wellness and lifestyle. To be successful in transforming success, pain and fatigue into success we need to adopt a holistic approach. As well as the physical, this should also include such as our or thoughts, emotions and environmental factors.

‘Stress is a Myth’ – Ra Bliss

Learn about the ‘Stress Myth’, ‘Stress-Solutions’ and how to ‘Flick the Switch from Stress to Success’ series of workshops. These are an integral component of the ‘Holistic Lifestyle’ course. You can also learn more about these in the upcoming free 1 hour seminar.

Benefits of an Enhanced Lifestyle
The main aspect that causes poor health is a poor lifestyle. Hence, to improve our well-being we need to enhance our lifestyle. With an enhanced lifestyle we may enjoy a happier life. We live in a dynamic world where the only thing that is constant is change. It’s said that we can’t step into the same river twice. What seems true in one moment may be different the next. Interestingly, even modern western science has been wrong many times throughout history.

‘As soon as the truth is expressed, it may become a falsehood‘ – Lao Tzu- China 2,500 B.C.

To grow and evolve, it’s essential to be prepared to change, be adaptable and have resilience towards the forever changing landscape. Learn more in the upcoming ‘Life-coaching’ course.

Living a Happier Life
Sure, our modern world can be very challenging. Yet, happiness is a choice. It’s often said, the purpose of life is to be happy. Yet so many people are unhappy. The first key to happiness is to honestly assess our current level of happiness in the main different areas of our life. The second key is to lovingly embrace challenges with enthusiasm. To do this, we need to have great vitality. Hence, we need to learn how to boost our vitality.
The third key is to do what we love. Hence, we need to learn how to ‘Find, Ignite and Boost Your Mojo’.

‘Your mojo is your special niche in life … where you shine more than anyone else’ – Ra Bliss

You can learn more about these keys plus more in the upcoming ‘Life-coaching’ course.

Sadly, so many people suffer low esteem and lack self-confidence. This may be seen as a major underlying cause of much stress and illness. Self-empowerment is about developing the skills and strategies for increasing our degree of autonomy and self-determination. It’s enabling us to be more responsible, self-sufficient and self authoritative. It’s about trusting our-self in making greater positive choices in our life, setting goals and taking the steps to achieve them. Whilst it’s important to believe in our-self, this involves acknowledging our strengths and also our weaknesses. It’s about busting the negative core negative belief is that ‘I’m not good enough’ You can learn more about these keys plus more in the upcoming ‘Life-coaching’ course.

Holistic Healing
A ‘Holistic’ approach acknowledges that everything in some way is connected. As one things is affected, so is everything else. Hence, one part of us cannot be well unless the whole is well. As Plato pointed out to the ancient Greek physicians of his time, the word ‘health’ means a state of being whole. He emphasised addressing all aspects of our being. This includes such areas as a healthy body, environment, relationships with others, healthy thoughts and emotions, a healthy spiritual connection and much more.

‘The part can never be well unless the whole is well’ – Plato

An ‘Holistic approach of self-care is the main emphasises of the upcoming ‘Life-coaching’ course

Boost Your Mojo
The key to an enhanced well-being is to boost our vitality. Conversely, the way to boost our vitality is from living an enhanced lifestyle. The more we enjoy what we’re doing, the greater will be our enthusiasm.  Too many people spend too much time doing what they don’t like and consequently don’t get the time to do what they truly love. As you ignite your ‘Mojo’ you may become more inspired to follow your passion. You can learn more about this in the upcoming ‘Life-coaching’ course.

‘How to Find, Ignite & Boost Your Mojo’ is a 1 day seminar and interactive workshop to help find your special niche in life. It’s what gets you excited and come alive. It’s your special way where you shine more than anyone else.

Holistic Life-Coaching Course
Sadly, so many people now-a-days are pounding away on the treadmill, exhausted and frustrated that they’re not getting anywhere. This exciting ‘Life-Coaching’ course is a combined ‘self-development and ‘self-care’ course to help promote enhanced wellness and happiness. It’s about awakening awareness of our-self, the world we live in and to promote enhanced consciousness for greater clarity and creativity to enhance the quality of your life!

If you are desirous of making a positive change to make 2020 the very best year of your life you’re welcome to join us in this upcoming ‘Life-coaching’ course. The course is presented as either a 4, 8, 16 or 32 week course. You can learn more by coming along to the free 1 hour introductory seminar.

In this 1 hour free introductory seminar you will learn: how to BEAT Stress, Pain and Fatigue, how to BOOST Your Vitality and ZEST FOR LIFE! … how to enhance Self-Awareness & SELF-EMPOWERMENT and how to embrace enhanced Health, Wealth, Wisdom & HAPPINESS

To book for the 1 hour free seminar: Essential Steps to Wellness

Ashgrove – Brisbane – please click here

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Ron Bass is a fully qualified, accredited, registered and experienced Naturopath, Remedial Therapist, also a fully qualified Counsellor and practitioner of ‘Holistic Healing Arts’. Ron trained in an array of disciplines throughout the 1980’s, including Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation and Taoism with various masters. In the early 90’s Ron also studied Eastern healing arts and Esoteric healing and breath-work. Ron now specialises in stress, pain and fatigue management, also with a special interest in musculoskeletal complaints. With over 30 years of research, clinical experience and with presenting seminars, workshops and retreats in the healing arts, Ron has formulated the ‘Holistic Life Coaching’ course as a way to help promote enhanced wellness and happiness.

About Ron Bass

Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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