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April Fools’ Day

It is recorded that, once upon a time the new year actually started on the 1st April. This was before the setting of January 1 as the beginning of the new year, back in1582 by Pope Gregory X111 ordering a new Gregorian calendar to replace the old Julian Calendar. The new calendar called for the … Continue reading

How Do You Celebrate Autumn Equinox?

Again it’s time for a holiday with those fancy coloured eggs, lots of chocolate, mass produced hot cross buns and fluffy bunny rabbits. However, for thousands of years before Jesus walked the earth, we celebrated this time of year, in the northern hemisphere as an ancient pagen celebration for spring, honouring fertility, re-birth and new life. … Continue reading

Happy Love Month

February is ‘Love Month’ …  it’s the month of St Valentine’s, a time for romantic greeting cards flowers, romantic dinners, love, passion, lust, sex  … “All we need is love”  and it seems that the more we love our-self … the more we are loved in return  … our relationships become more loving … caring, … Continue reading

2013 New-Year message

New Year’s Day is always a special day to reflect upon the transition of the year that has just passed and contemplate on goals for the year ahead. After successfully navigating through the ‘Big Galactic Shift’ with the crescendo of the Summer Solstice 2012 and surviving the predicted apocalypse  …2013 will be like a fresh … Continue reading

Wrapping up the Time Warp

With 21st December 2012 fast arriving you’re probably asking … what will happen? The now-famous, ancient Mayan calendar marks a significant shift, a transition, a climax and turning point on this date with the alignment of our planet, our Sun and with the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way. This, according to the Mayan ‘Long … Continue reading

Join the ‘Evolution of Conscious’

It’s all about conscious, as Carl Jung said; ‘The more conscious of the unconscious we become, the more conscious we become’, Are there areas of your life in which you are much more conscious now, then say when you were a young child. And what opportunities has that growing of consciousness open for you, that … Continue reading

Spirit of Holloween

Halloween again is celebrated on the 31 st of October, on the eve of Winter in the northern hemisphere. Yet, at this time it’s the eve of Summer down here in Oz! According to scholars, Halloween was originally a festival of the dead with pagan roots, along with games traditionally played as a form of … Continue reading

Spring Newsletter 2012

Spring is the season to awaken from winter, for rebirth, renewal, re-growth and expansion. Interestingly, September 1 was the New Year in the old Roman Empire and in many ways it’s still a transition point in the modern Western world. In Traditional Oriental Medicine, Spring corresponds to the wood element and the organs of Liver … Continue reading

How to ‘Flick the Switch’ from ‘Stress to Success’

Most of my clients consider that stress is the underlying cause of most of their health challenges. And most people agree that among the greatest of stressors today are; ‘time and money’, or more accurately the lack of it! What if these challenges are merely reflected as a  measure of our transformation and ultimately a … Continue reading

It’s the Time – Warp Again!

Time-Warp & Money Card Continue reading