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Winter Solstice Celebration


The Winter Solstice is the darkest day of winter.

For thousands of years, throughout many cultures worldwide, this event has been recognised as a time of  rebirth, with ‘holy days’ (or holidays), family gatherings, community festivals, cultural celebrations, etc.

Of course in the northern hemisphere this has now been hijacked by what has become known as Christmas and the now New Year, in January. Yet, where we live in Australia, in the southern hemisphere, it is 21st June.  

What does Winter Solstice in our June mean for you?

I guess, it’s fair enough to say, this special natural event comes and goes only once each year, and yet, while the masses are generally hypnotised, mesmerised, conditioned  and distracted by the worldly commercial events that surround it, most people have little or no idea that this natural event even exists!

Today only a handful of conscious beings are aware of the significance of this natural phenomenon. The Solstice is essentially a time of reversal, it’s a turnaround from an inner reflection to an outer expression. Along with this is an effect on nature and our physiology.

Saturnalia in essence, is akin to midnight, being the deepest, darkest hour within a cycle. It’s referring to the sun’s course, with the transition from the depth of winter and with the transition now upward journey to spring when life is renewed or reborn.

This deep, dark period is a time to connect to the deepest, darkest and mysterious part within us. This is the most ‘Yin, and ‘negative’ aspect of our psyche. It’s a time of inner exploration and reflection, when the ‘tables are turned’ and the opposite character of the self is embraced.

Saturnalia was traditionally a Roman festival dedicated to the god Saturn. Saturn is about such characteristics as time, structure and discipline. Saturnalia custom was rooted in pagan & Celtic sacrificial traditions and was traditionally a celebration of indulgence in reversal of roles.  

The Saturnalia festival has an astronomical celebration, of the completion of the sun’s yearly course, and the commencement of a new cycle, with the sun overcoming winter, and with the transition to spring when life is renewed or reborn.

The Winter Solstice is coming up very soon, and you can be a part of it. I have found over several years, it’s ideal to practice Rebirthing on the Solstice.

Rebirthing, I believe is a powerful process for Spiritual Transformation. It’s simply a natural ‘Conscious Connected Breathing’ technique, used worldwide to enhance consciousness, appreciation, aliveness, joy, compassion, inner peace and happiness. It’s well known, Rebirthing helps clear past experiences that sabotage our true journey in life. Come along and join us with Rebirthing the Solstice. See: http://ronbass.com/Winter-Solstice-Spiritual-Rebirthing-Retreat.htm

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