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Summer Solstice Spiritual Celebration


The ‘Summer Solstice’ is the very climax, pinnacle or peak point of the year that has been celebrated by many cultures of humanity for millennia … long before Christmas and the New Year concepts were introduced … actually the Solstice WAS the original Christmas and New Year!

For thousands of years, throughout many cultures worldwide, this event has been recognised as a most significant time of spiritual rebirth, rejuvenation and regeneration, celebrated with ‘holy days’ (or holidays) with special family gatherings, community festivals, cultural celebrations, ceremonies and more.

Of course, this most significant event has in many ways, now been hijacked by what has become known in our modern era as the commercialism of Christmas and then the New Year, as was at a stage of history set in January.

What does this natural phenomena of the Summer Solstice actually mean for you?

I guess, it’s fair enough to say, this special natural event comes and goes only once each year, and yet, while the masses are generally hypnotised, mesmerised, conditioned  and distracted by the worldly commercial events of Christmas and the New Year that surround it, most people have little or no idea that this natural event even exists!
Today only a handful of conscious beings are aware of the significance of this sacred dated and its corresponding natural phenomenon. The Solstice is essentially a significant turning point in time, it’s a time of reversal and of major transformation. The Solstice is the most extreme, climax point of our outer, extroverted expression. At this point, on the crest of the polarity shift, along with this inherent natural effect on nature, also our very physiology, our psyche, and our perspective of reality is transformed.

Whilst many people are conditioned today to believe that Christmas is a Christian holiday, the fact is that people have been celebrating Christmas, long before the birth of Christ. The festivity was known beforehand as Saturnalia, a festival in which the Romans commemorated the god, Saturn. Essentially, Christianity adopted Saturnalia with the hopes that they could convert the Pagans into Christianity by offering that they could still celebrate Saturnalia. The Solstice Saturnalia celebrations were in essence the roots of Christmas as we know today.
The Summer Solstice is akin to mid-day, being the highest, lightest hour within our natural cycle. This is the most ‘Yang’ and outward and awakened aspect of our psyche. It’s the peak time of expression, with full blooming and when we meet the opposite character of the self as the ‘tables are turned’.

This is a powerful time of Spiritual Transformation. It’s a time to consciously connect with full appreciation, aliveness, joy, passion and happiness. It’s known, in an esoteric sense, the sun’s cycle represents your soul’s growth in consciousness along with the illumination of the soul. All of nature responds to natures cycles. Only the human mind has in many ways deviated from nature, and therefore has become distorted and lost a clear perception of reality.
In an esoteric sense, the sun’s cycle represents our spiritual growth in consciousness along with the illumination of your soul. Those desiring a more intimate communion with our true spiritual forces can become empowered if we attune ourselves to the influences of the radiances of light falling on our Earth. The Summer Solstice is the peak time to attune to our intrinsic relationship with the suns heavenly light forces moving toward the earth.
The spiritual influences of light waves descending upon us is more of an occult fact, meaning an inner reality that is not seen by most. By aligning ourselves with nature, we can uplift our spirits, lifting the spirit fire up into the heart for illumination.

As the Summer Solstice occurs on the 21st December, with the planetary changes from Sagittarius to Capricorn, the very core of the Earth reverses and change course, in relationship with the heavens just like the Sun, which is reversing its path which creates a powerful forces.

You’ll love this ‘Spiritual Gathering’ … especially as you practice the exciting exercises. I’m offering the gift of making the ‘Summer Solstice’ come alive with this dynamic full 1 Day series of seminars and workshops. … Ron Bass

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