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Happy Love Month


February is ‘Love Month’ …  it’s the month of St Valentine’s, a time for romantic greeting cards flowers, romantic dinners, love, passion, lust, sex  …

“All we need is love”  and it seems that the more we love our-self … the more we are loved in return  … our relationships become more loving … caring, considerate, more intimate, passionate …

However, due to many reasons, sadly many people suffer shyness, shame, guild, remorse, regret, despondency and many more negative sabotage feelings, emotions attitudes, sensations around love, loving relationships and sexuality.

Also many see a conflict with ‘spirituality’ and ‘sexuality’ and with ‘love and ‘sex’ and these harboured conflicts and suppressed negative emotions can play havoc with many areas of your life; affecting your health, relationships, intimacy, family, social, career and much more.

It’s so crucial that we deal with our issues of love, loving relationships and sexuality, and awaken to understand, appreciate and transform our passions and desires for healing and spiritual growth.

If you have a desire to reignite your passion, boost your personal growth, feel inspired to discover more about yourself, and bring more adventure into your life, then I strongly recommend to come along and join us for an evening of fun, laughter, and maybe tears, and surprise!

I will be presenting concepts from Tantra, Taoist and modern sexual principles and am extending an invitation for only 12 FREE places left in this Seminar and Play-Shop!

You may ask .. why is it FREE? You see, I have a stack of manuals that I’d love to pass on that will be of great use to you .. especially as you practice the exciting exercises … answer the questions & fill in the gaps in the manuals! So I’m passing the manuals on … at cost and giving you the gift of making the manuals come alive with this Seminar and Play-Shop!

This is a dynamic 2 Hour – Evening ‘Spiritual Sexuality’ Seminar & Play-Shop – Revealing Secrets to Loving relationships & Sensational Sex’  …  with a Total Value of $134

This FREE seminar is for everyone, whether you are married, have a partner, single, are sexually active or not.

N.B. There is no nudity or promiscuity in this seminar.

Check out my forthcoming  ‘Spiritual Sexuality’  Seminar and Play-Shop on; http://www.Spiritual-Sexuality.com

PS. Best wishes for St Valentine’s Day

About Ron Bass

Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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