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How Do You Celebrate Autumn Equinox?


Again it’s time for a holiday with those fancy coloured eggs, lots of chocolate, mass produced hot cross buns and fluffy bunny rabbits.

However, for thousands of years before Jesus walked the earth, we celebrated this time of year, in the northern hemisphere as an ancient pagen celebration for spring, honouring fertility, re-birth and new life.

Of course, for Australians, in the southern hemisphere we are now entering Autumn. Easter was originally celebrated as the time with the perfect balance of light and darkness, At this time the Sun shines directly on the equator and there is equal amounts of day and night throughout the world.

In the southern hemisphere, this is also our first day of Autumn. We know the Autumn  equinox occurs on the 20th March, so why is Easter now celebrated over a week later on the 31st March?  

The masses often do things unconsciously, out of habit, blindly following a tradition because it was the way we were raised, it’s familiar and easy, without stopping to investigate if what we’re doing is really appropriate.

Does Easter accurately reflect the truth about our nature, or the resurrection of Jesus, or has society merely created something that is a convenient excuse for a new religion of commercialism?  If it doesn’t accurately reflect the true origins, then why do we keep the observance at all?

How did you celebrate this ‘Equinox’?

See; http://worldtruth.tv/pagan-origin-of-easter/

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