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Would you like 2022 to be the best year of your life?

In the previous post we discussed about addressing the underlying causes of  musculoskeletal complaints. Also previously, about dealing with stress, pain and fatigue. As a Life-Coach, Naturopath, Counsellor and Remedial Therapist with over 30 years of experience I’ve found that underlying most of our problems is a lack of awareness, more specifically, self-awareness.

Sadly, so many people fail because of two main reasons. Firstly, because most people haven’t fully resolved the issues that’s sabotaging their progress. Secondly, they’re not clear about their desires for the future. So, because they haven’t learnt their lessons from the past and clearly identified their goals, they stay stuck. This is a major reason that so many can’t evoke change. Until we can clearly identify and learn our lessons from the past we can’t really let go of old sabotage patterns and move on. If we haven’t learnt our lessons, the future will always be based upon what we’ve always done in the past. We’ll be tripping over the same traps every day. Hence, to enhance our wellbeing we need to learn how to resolve our self-sabotage patterns.

Simply said, self-awareness is about being aware of our-self. However, due to the complexity of our modern world, it’s actually not that simple. Basically, as we grow in self-awareness we can see the world around us from a clearer place rather than just being a projection of our unconscious self. Ultimately this is to help us to enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life.

Also, the purpose of enhancing self-awareness is that once we see ourselves and hence the world around us more clearly, we may become more confident, have greater self esteem, be more creative, productive and contribute better to the world.

Much lack of self-awareness is actually due to a lack of appreciation. Whilst this may specifically be about appreciating how much we are loved, our abilities, our potential and so on, overall it’s about not embracing the ‘gift of life’.

We may cultivate enhanced self-appreciation by reflecting upon how we may have gratitude for our many ‘taken-for-granted’ gifts. The more we are thank-full of our gifts, our abilities, talents, freedoms, etc. the more we may cultivate self-awareness.

Unfortunately, so many people are so coerced, influenced, controlled and manipulated in the decisions they make. Self-Autonomy may be said, to have the ability to make wise choices for our-self. It’s the capacity to make an informed and uncoerced choice. Hence we can enjoy greater discretion, control and empowerment over our own life direction. This may lead to greater creativity and self-satisfaction.

Sure, we must realise that there’s some things that we cant control. However, on the other side of the coin, it’s empowering to be aware that there’s many ways that we can choose to perceive reality and also many ways that we can choose to respond to the circumstances in which we’re given. As we take the steps to embracing self-autonomy, it can lead us towards cultivating a better life.

Sadly, nowadays so many people lack interest in their own self-care, health, wellbeing and life. Maybe there’s many reasons, such as apathy, overwhelm, conditioning or being in a hypnotic-type trance. Many just want to bury their heads in the sand, fall asleep, leave it to ‘big-daddy’ to take care of them and pretend that all’s ok.

As we enhance self-appreciation and autonomy and reflect upon our individual strengths and weaknesses we may then learn how to take better responsibility for self-care. What’s more, we need to learn how to empower and direct our-self to take care of our-self.

Each of us, ultimately is responsible for our-self, and the life that we create for our-self. However, if we’re restricted and controlled by another, we may ask who is then responsible? Do we then have the right to blame others for our failures?

Ideally, as we enjoy a greater degree of self-autonomy, we may also become more responsible in determining the direction of our life. This self-determination may be the key in embracing our self-independence, freedom and expressing our individualism.

As we get to know our-self better, we’re less likely to cheat, lie and deceive our-self. As we’re more attuned and aligned with our true-self, we’re much more likely to be honest and more real with our-self. Hence, we may then become more empowered to make better choices. It just so happens that people like people who know them-self well. Then we’re more-effective in what we do and more satisfied with life.

From an enhanced ‘self-awareness and empowerment’ we’re more likely to build better relationships, have better direction, better focus, be more successful in life, find more meaning in life and make a better contribution to the world.

Living a Happier Life in the Modern World
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