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Addressing Musculoskeletal Pain

 If you’re suffering from those annoying bodily aches that just seems to linger on and on, chances are that the problem is much more than just your muscles and joints. It’s possibly because your poor lifestyle is zapping your vitality, causing undue stress and hence physical imbalances.

It’s generally considered that musculoskeletal conditions just concerns the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. This is typically known as the musculoskeletal system. However, the cause of much of the discomfort, aches and pain that we experience so often stems much deeper than this.

As an example, a very common area of concern is our various joints. these may include either ligaments or tendons. Here, we see typically see various types of arthritis, inflammation, repetitive strain injury, etc. While many may say that these conditions are simply related to various injuries or old age, it’s not always necessarily so.

Sure, from time to time our various tissues can be subjected to localised trauma, such as aggressive jerking movements and direct blows from accidents with falls causing fractures, sprains and dislocations, and so on. Also, keep in mind, other causes may include the likes of poor postural strain, restricted repetitive movements, prolonged  overuse or immobilization. Such changes in posture or poor body mechanics may also  bring about muscle imbalances, then spinal misalignment, eventually causing aches and pain.

The four most common areas that so many people complain about are stiff neck & shoulders, lower back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis. Also there’s often poor posture, fibromyalgia and other associated conditions.

Our first indication that something is wrong is often pain. Yet, if we’re in great health, ideally our body tissues should repair fairly quickly. However, the reason that so many traumas don’t heal well is because of various related underlying poor health issues.

It’s said that seven-eights of the iceberg is under the water. As an analogy, like-wise with most musculoskeletal complaints, the underlying cause is due to other unresolved health issues. There’s typically a network of correlations, related to various nerves, organs, bodily functions and associated behaviours.

From 2022 I’m no longer available for ‘Remedial Massage’. Rather, I’m excited to be offering private consultations in Naturopathy, Counselling and Life Coaching. This allows us to address the underlying causes of these various musculoskeletal complaints and hence achieve better long term results. During these consultations we’ll be discussing your concerns and offering recommendation as to what to do to help handle it.

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Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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