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How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Do you ever feel as if things aren’t going so well, or maybe that things could be better? 

It just so happens that when there’s challenges, drama, trouble or turmoil it’s also an excellent time to re-assess, re-evaluate and make positive changes. Most of us do better when we’re challenged. It’s said that every cloud has a silver lining. Likewise, within every problem is an opportunity for improvement. Yet, sadly so many people just don’t know how to deal with it. Learn practical strategies for ‘turning things around for the better.

‘When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade’

So, you’ve most probably heard of this famous proverb. Life can sometimes hand us a lemon. In those challenging times, it’s more vital to embrace the essence of this phrase, more than ever. To do this involves some other special ingredients.

Lemonade Ingredients

In so many ways, all of us are being given basket full of lemons each and every day. To turn things around for the better, we need to turn these ingredients into something special. We need to be open to see the opportunities, possibilities to turn things around. To do this, we need good self-esteem, enthusiasm, optimism, positivity and creativity. So, how do we find this?

We need, an awakening of awareness. ‘Life Coaching’ can teach you the skills to achieve this. ‘Awakening-Awareness’ is the first module of my life coaching course. It contains structured steps to help awaken your perception, develop creativity and the art of transformation.

Dancing in the Rain

Rather than counting the potholes we can choose to dance to the pitter-patter of the rain. We can be so busy focusing on the negative, we can forget to embrace the opportunities surrounding us. We need to become more aware of these opportunities and how to embrace our creativity. After all, in some way, we’re all dealing with our own lemons. To do this better, we need to start focusing on developing the skills in how we can best turn them into lemonade and how to most enjoy it.

The ‘life coaching’ course helps you to develop your skills in turning things around for the better. The first module is ‘Awakening-Awareness’ and the first part of this module is primarily about gaining a deeper appreciation of our-self. As we get to know our-self better, we can better access those innate skills in which we all have. I call these components ‘Conscious Creations” and the ‘Art of transformation’.

Awaken Awareness

We all know that life can be challenging at times. For many, there’s the constant nagging of so many issues. There may be issues with increasing living costs, coupled poor job security, at the same time finding a good work-life balance, maybe from a work overload, with excessive long working hours. For some there’s a nagging emptiness, maybe feeling unfulfilled, lacking inspiration, stuck in an unsupportive relationship, dwindling esteem, at a lost to find what’s meaningful. There are just some of the concerns and there’s likely to be so many other issues, taking a toll on each and everyone we know.

To turn things around for the better, we need to have a good look at different areas of our life. To ‘Awaken Awareness’ we need to do a brutally honest self-assessment and re-evaluate where we’re at. We need to appreciate what we’re happy with and those areas in which we’re unfulfilled. To start your assessment go to: http://www.zest-test.com


So many people are stressed, suffering fatigue, are in pain, feeling down and out. Sadly so many lack the necessary skills to take good care of them self. Hence as so many people are generally unhappy, we see an increasing rise of road-rage accidents, suicides, divorces are hitting the roof.

An essential ingredient to turning your life around for the better is to enhance your self-esteem, sel-confidence and self-love. We need to get in touch with the ‘why’ we want to improve your life.


As so many people now-a-days are generally unhappy, we’re seeing an increasing rise of road-rage accidents, suicides, divorces are hitting the roof.

An integral part of enhancing our self-esteem, enthusiasm, optimism and positivity and creativity. How do we do this, We need to resolve those subconscious issues that’s been sabotaging us and holding us back.

Make 2022 the Best Year of Your Life!

Within changes also comes opportunity. Now is the time to take the practical steps into begin the new year with an enhanced awareness for ‘transformation’ … turning things around for the better.

We need to leave the ‘pity party’ and start taking strives forward towards a more positive future. To learn more –  if you’re not yet a member, to get started (your password this month is: ‘2022’) – please click here – or if you’re already a member – to book – please click here – 


What’s the four top things you want in 2022? Most people don’t make the changes necessary, because their a poor lifestyle is zapping them. They’ve locked themselves into bad patterns that’s got them stuck. It’s zapping their vitality, esteem, enthusiasm, motivation and clarity.

Exciting Developments – From 2022  I’m only offering ‘Life-Coaching with much more of an emphasis on turning things around for the better, addressing underlying issues to achieve long-term sustainable results. Now, more than ever is the time to get started by becoming a FREE ‘bronze’ member. To get started – if you’re not already a member you need to register first – (you’ll need a referral and access password from your newsletter) – please click here – or if you are a member – to login – please click here

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