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The ‘Germ Theory’


We mostly forget that the ‘Germ Theory’ is only a theory. So, has it ever been proven? … you may be surprised with the answer! Could it be that the current medical system is just based on ‘pseudo science’?

If we do some research, you’ll find that ‘germ’ actually means new life or new growth! So, isn’t labelling a germ as something that’s ‘bad’ and makes us sick actually the opposite of it’s real meaning? Also, it’s commonly thought that germs are contagious. Many believe this because that’s what we’re taught at school, college and university, right?

Well, what if the ideas of ‘germs’ and ‘contagion’ were merely theories that after all these years of research have never been proven beyond any reasonable doubt? Now, in 2021, with the ’emergence’ of the so called global ‘pandemic’ these ideas are coming under increasing scrutiny by many researchers. Could it be that virtually the whole world has shut down based on these ideas that even after decades of research are still only a theory and hasn’t been proven?

Dr Andrew Kaufman, from the US is one medical doctor who seriously questions the whole ‘germ theory’. He says to the effect that we’re living in a time when science is not interested in finding the actual truth. He believes it’s more so motivated by political goals and financial incentives. To learn more watch his upcoming livestream, ‘The End of the Germ Theory’.

Dr Thomas Cowen is another medical doctor who is very skeptical of the current medical scientific paradigm. He suggests that we’ve known for quite some time that virology is not a valid science, that the theory we base our entire science and medicine on is simply incorrect. He says that the current orthodox causes of the diseases are just ‘pseudo-explanations’ … that the modern day concept of a viruses was just fabricated by the medical and pharmaceutical industries to promote fear for monetary gain. He has co written a book called the ‘Contagion Myth’.

Dr T.C. Fry author of ‘The Great AIDS Hoax’ clearly says, ‘contagion, of course is a myth’. In an interview with by Dr. Henry L.N. Anderson he shares his views of how the pharmaceutical cartels controls the medical profession for monetary gain. He described how this further exploits false concepts of contagious diseases to yield big profits. To learn more see: https://thebigvirushoax.com/dr-t-c-fry

Dr Stefan Lanka PHD is another doctor and virologist that says that there’s proof that virology is not based on scientific methods. He claims this is because while research scientists in laboratories think they are working with viruses, in fact they are only working with certain components of dying cells. He further suggests that most claims about viruses are simply false. Read more here: https://greatreject.org/dr-stefan-lanka-claims-about-viruses-are-false/

Also, Dr. Podbielski, a court-appointed expert on the measles virus trial found that some basic publications of fundamental importance to virology as a whole contained no control experiments.

We may ask, if the ‘germ theory’ is merely a myth, then why do people get sick? Is there another explanation? Well, maybe we should be looking at other options, such as the ‘Terrain theory’ for example. Once we research this more seriously … could this be the beginning of the end for ‘germ theory?

So, are viruses real? How does a virologist identify a new virus and how do we show that this virus actually causes disease? It seems, as suggested by some doctors that the history of virology has been blatantly unscientific. Now, especially with the current so called pandemic many are asking questions. Is it true that various government health agencies upon freedom of information requests admit that they have no evidence, that the isolation, purification and identification of these viruses actually exist? So, what if a virus has never been isolated and if simply the cellular particles of a dying cell has been mistakenly considered to be a virus? Isn’t science supposed to be open to questioning this?

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