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Benefits of Self Massage


Nearly all of us suffer from various aches and pains from time to time, however not everyone has the time or cash for a professional massage. Learning self massage techniques can be a wonderful tool for self empowerment. In just a few simple steps, you can learn easy techniques to massage yourself well at home.

There’s many benefits of learning self-massage. By learning various self massage techniques you may target your neck, shoulder, lower back pain and more. You can also learn ways to heal yourself. There’s may ways to help yourself with self-massage. Here we discuss just one of these ways, using acupressure.

Self-Care Acupressure – for enhancing self-empowerment and well-being. You can learn how to take responsible for self-care with hands on acupressure techniques to relieve stress, pain and fatigue and to boost vitality and zest for life! Acupressure may be described simply as being ‘acupuncture – without needles’. Simply using thumb or finger pressure on specific acu-points can be a great way to enhance your well-being!

Traditional-Oriental-Healing – Acupressure, as with acupuncture, is based upon the philosophy and principals of Traditional Oriental Medicine. TOM covers the traditional approaches to healing in areas such as China, Japan, India and Indonesia. Acupressure is practiced by applying pressure on specific locations along meridians. Meridians are energetic pathways that’s related to specific organs or systems in the body.

Boost Your Vitality – This is probably the most vital component to self-acupressure. Simply put, good vitality is the key to great health. Essentially, vitality refers to our life force. It also largely determines the quality of our life. Yet, strangely there seems to be very little emphasises placed upon this in western medicine nowadays. TOM, the basis of acupressure emphaises the concept of Chi or Qi. This can be seen, very much to be the same as vitality.

The Jing Thing – In TOM there is this concept of ‘Jing’ which is best explained as our vital essence. This vital essence is said to reside in our kidneys. It could be said that the kidneys are like our batteries. The Kidneys associated root emotion is fear. Various, ongoing stressful ‘fight or flight’ reactions. may be seen as draining our batteries.

Stress – Our adrenal function is to overcome fear with a ‘fight or flight’ reaction. Essentially to overcome an urgent emergency challenge the adrenals borrow ’energy’ from the kidneys. As it’s an emergency, they promise they will pay the energy back tomorrow. Yet, for most people the next day when they are feeling tired, they simply indulge in more stimulants to kick the adrenals back into gear again. Adrenal addiction is so common in our society today. This is discussed in much more detail in the upcoming ‘Self-Care Acupressure’ seminar and workshop.

The self-care acupressure massage course – introduces you to the basic principles of applying acupressure on acu-points and trigger points with self-massage. If you’d like to dive deeper into the subject, you can also join in the advanced 1 day workshop.

Bonuses – In the upcoming ‘Self-Care Acupressure’ seminar and workshop you will also learn how to use a simple method to assess your own signs and symptoms for self care. Also, there’s may other additional bonuses. Also, you’ll learn self massage lymphatic reflex points to help facilitate cleansing. Also included is various integration exercises to help enhance relaxation, creativity, intuition and intelligence. Also specific stretching techniques to improve posture, breathing, relaxation and vitality. And also emotional integration techniques to help resolve issues and create greater clarity. Also included is a ‘Flick the switch from stress to success’ segment to achieve results easier. Also learn how to consciously create desired goals and overcome victim mentality. Also learn how to use Mudras, Mantras and Marma points for relaxation, boost vitality, Chakra transformation to raise awareness and consciousness, hands-off’ remote techniques … & much more.

Beat the Beached Whale Syndrome – don’t leave it for others to save you! Don’t be a victim of circumstance, take the steps to take responsibility for self care and save yourself!

To join us at a Free introductory 1 Hour Seminar you can book here:

Ashgrove, Brisbane – Wed. 6th November 7pm – please click here
Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast – Thurs. 7th November 7pm – please click here

Full 1 Day Workshop – Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast – Saturday 9th November 10 am – please click here

To Download 1 Day Workshop Flyer – please click here

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