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What is Awakening Awareness?


A friend recently asked me … isn’t ‘awakening’ and ‘awareness’ the same thing? What’s the difference between ‘awakening’ and ‘awareness’? I explain simply that ‘Awakening’ is a process. As such it’s doing an ‘action. As a verb it’s the masculine principle. On the other hand, I use the awareness as being the feminine principle. Awareness, as a noun is the presence we hold when awoken. As we awaken from a sleep-like slumber, we may see clearer who we truly are. Together, the awakening of awareness is a journey of revealing our divine nature. Our true nature is how these masculine an feminine essence come together.

Awakening Awareness is an introductory ‘Self-Development’ course that I present. It actually started way back in the early 90’s when I called it the ‘Aspirant’ and then the ‘Initiate’ course. I now present it in 2 optional formats, as a live seminar and an online email course. Now-a-days, as a brief introduction I’m presenting it as a 1 hour live face to face seminar … or ideally it’s a full 1 day live seminar presentation over 8 hours. As an online email course … I present a free 4 week introductory course. Then, there’s options to continue with weekly emails to a full 32 week period. Actually, I recommend that ideally people do both … the live seminar as well as the online email course.

You may ask, why would anyone want to do this course? Sadly, so many people now-a-days are stressed, they’re suffering pain and fatigue. They’re pounding away on the treadmill … but don’t feel as they’re getting anywhere. We see in these modern times that these people are working long hours … yet still with not enough hours in the day … they can’t find enough time for yourself to enjoy the lifestyle they’d love. So many people feel trapped, they can’t see anyway out.

I say that the main cause of stress, pain and fatigue is a poor lifestyle and hence, to improve our well-being we need to enhance our lifestyle. However, so many people lack the self-development to make the necessary changes. So many people can’t see their problems or solutions because they’re stuck in it. They’ve become stuck and bound in an unconscious behavioral program … where their stress, pain and fatigue seems ‘normal’.

Awakening Awareness is the first step in breaking unconscious conditioning … from there people can have greater choice about their lifestyle. More often, once awakened, people will choose a lifestyle that ‘s more enjoyable, where they can actually enjoy greater success, abundance, aliveness and happiness in their life.

What does the Awakening Awareness course involve? There’s 2 basic components of the ‘Awakening Awareness’ online course. The first 4 week component is about ‘Self-Awareness’. I’m now offering this component as a complimentary community service.
It’s to help build an online community of ‘like-minded’ people who can support each other on our journey of ‘self-development’. The great thing about this component is that is starts with the very fundamentals. It helps people to ‘awaken’ to see the changes that’s necessary to improve their life. As a solid foundation, we need to cover these basic fundamentals first. From the ‘awakening’ it’s much easier to take the action that’s needed to make the necessary changes to improve our life. This is what happens in the Awakening Awareness course. Also, ‘Awakening Awareness’ includes introductions to other components such as ‘How to beat stress, pain & fatigue’ … also, ‘How to Get What You Want’ and ‘Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’ … which are integral components of the full ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course.

As we awaken awareness we love ourself more. As we love ourself more, we also care about ourself more. Then we make better choices in our life. As an example, these may be healthier choices, including caring more about what we eat, how we exercise and rest. Also, with choose more wisely, what kind of environment we live in and who we share our day with.  Awakening Awareness is about breaking-free our our subconscious conditioning and programming and as such, helps us change our perspective … firstly about ourself and then about the world we live in. It’s well known, if we keep doing the same thing, we’re going to get the same old result. So to improve we need to make the right changes.

How do I get started? This course is not just available to anyone. It’s not for those who wish to stay stuck, in their old beliefs. If you enjoy whinging and whining, and holding on to your pain and suffering then ‘Awakening Awareness’ is not for you. Howevwer, if you’re wanting to make the changes to change your life, then please read on. To qualify, there’s a couple of ways to get on board. Firstly, you may get a referral from an existing student, otherwise there’s an online application. There’s a specific selection criteria for applicants that are most suited. The online application is at Awakening-Awareness.net

Your Presenter – Ron Bass is a Holistic Lifestyle Mentor … a fully Qualified, Registered, Accredited & Experienced Naturopath … also well known as the ‘Master of Holistic Healing Arts’ … over 25 years has successfully facilitated thousands of people with ‘Awakening Awareness’ for enhanced integration, empowerment, transformation & success … through private consultations, seminars, workshops and courses.

About Ron Bass

Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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