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It’s Spring! …


As folklore tells us, spring is the season that reflects renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth, resurrection, regrowth and of new life and is seen as the start of better times ahead. It’s that refreshing time of year when we are awakening from the doldrums of winter and step out into a new world of growth.

Springtime is traditionally the time to cleanse, to detox, purge, to let-go and move forward into new greener pastures. Spring may be regarded as the favorite season, being not too hot and not too cold, enjoying a temperate climate and yet with the promise of warmer weather ahead. Also, it’s the season when nature comes alive, with the birds tweeting in the morning, when you can open all the windows, enjoy exploring outdoor activities comfortably, and to smell the freshness as all the flowers that are blooming and enjoy the beautiful picturesque of the green grass, flora and trees.

We may say that spring is analogous to the morning, being the start of the day. How we start each day sets the rhythm for how the day will flow. So take time now to make a great start for this year. Consider what you choose to partake in at this most significant time may well set the path of what lies ahead for you in the year ahead. Spring is the time to awaken to inspiration and become revitalised. In ancient cultures, where mankind was more in-tune with nature, spring was clearly regarded as the beginning of the new year. If we were truly to honor our nature, by being in-tune with nature we also would be regarding spring as the beginning of the new year. Just as 6 am may be regarded as the start of the new day, so too is the spring the start of the new-year. At this point we have overcome what may be considered as the relatively more withdrawn, inward, feminine or yin period and have transitioned into the more outward, masculine and yang aspect of time and have awakened to a fresh new future.

I suggest as a way to reconnect with nature, become empowered and reclaim our real sense of time, that we celebrate the Spring with a ceremony to acknowledge the passing of our darkest season and to invite the awakening of spirit with the growing light, warmth, growth, expansion and transformation. Take a stance to honor your nature this spring by celebrating the beginning of a new year. Consider what you choose to partake in at this most significant time may well set the path of what lies ahead for you in the year ahead.

Remember to complement your life-style with bringing in greater awareness of nature. Follow the sun and arise earlier each day throughout Spring. Head outdoors more. Seek places of beauty and observe the power of nature. Observe the beauty of the buds and shoots flowers blooming. Discover a deeper appreciation for this fresh, new season. Be aware of the increasing light of spring … that gives you more time to appreciate the beautiful transformation that’s happening around you will fill you with inspiration, energy, and light.

Also, be aware of the traps of the modern day 21st century. Today’s world demands that so many people to work long hard hours. The crazy beeping-flashing-ringing technologies that we’ve become attached to can overwhelm us. If we’re overstimulated, we experience many health problems. This is a time to watch less TV, and to spend more time being with nature. Commit more time to just be creative. Remember to enjoy more stretching with your exercise. Enjoy walking, running, swimming and more massages.

Spring corresponds to the element of ‘wood’ which relates to the liver organ and corresponds to the free flow of upward Chi to move us forward, activating our plans into animation and action. This concept integrates the timeless, ancient wisdom of Traditional Oriental Medicine with the latest cutting edge technology of modern ‘Bio-Energetics’.

This is a time to ‘awaken’, to step up to the challenges and step and out of the box, shift to a greater paradigm, awaken awareness and expand our experiences in life, especially including our relationships, environment, health and spirituality. These interesting times, certainly calls for greater awareness, along with better education, informed choices and enhanced consciousness than ever before.

Seminars that I present for this season include, ‘Awakening Awareness’ … for living a better life! Included with this is ‘How to Beat, Stress, Pain & Fatigue’ … also ‘Self-Massage with Acupressure’ and ‘Breathe Your-self Better’. . Included with this, also; ‘Stress-Solutions’, ‘Stepping Above & Beyond Stress’ and ‘From Stress to Success’ … 8 vital steps for overcoming the burdens of stress to achieve greater success.

For more info. & to book for the upcoming 2 Day Spring-Equinox Holistic Lifestyle Retreat – please click here


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