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Cranial Reflexology

Interestingly, when we speak of reflexology, most people just think of foot reflexology. However there are also many other reflex parts of the body. As an example, there’s also ‘hand’ reflexology, ‘abdominal’ reflexology, ‘ear’ reflexology and many more. Yet, one of my favorite’s is ‘cranial’ reflexology. This is a wonderful modality, not only for deep relaxation, but also for many other benefits.

Cranial Reflex Points

With ‘Cranial Reflexology’ there are specific points on your head which, when lightly touched, effortlessly and easily can induce deeper relaxation, and at the same time also facilitate the awakening of awareness. In general, these may be seen as massage points, however they’re much more than that. Some people say that there’s something magical that happens when these cranial points are accessed. Often it’s said that as well as deep relaxation, they facilitate an awakening of awareness.

Awakening Awareness

In Traditional Oriental Medicine, many of these points are referred to as ‘Aupoints’. They are acupuncture points, however applied with gentle touch rather than with needles. In Indian Ayurvedic Medicine they’re referred to as ‘Nadi’s. It’s said that these points are like openings, portals or gateways of consciousness. Hence, these specific points are known to facilitate transformation. They help to release limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns to allow you to awaken awareness. Hence we may be more open to greater ways to enhance our life.

Transformation of Consciousness

From an awakened awareness also comes the transformation of consciousness. It’s said that transformation happens at the ‘quantum’ level. Modern day physicists acknowledge that beyond the illusion of the physical, there’s the ‘quantum’ field. It’s believed that with this simple ‘hands-on’ non-invasive touch on specific cranial acu-points we may access a shift in consciousness. From an enhanced consciousness is greater choice on how to enhance our life.

Quantum Cranial Activation

Some say that merely contacting these cranial acu-points can facilitate the opening of specific portals or gateways of consciousness. It may be likened to an ‘attunement’ or ‘activation’ process. Most people will access a deep relaxing and meditative space during the process. This may help you to ‘let-go’ what you don’t want, to process and receive the changes you are choosing in life with ease.

Connection to Higher-self

Traditionally, specific cranial acu-points can help to connect to the heavenly realm for guidance. Hence, they may help to release emotional trauma and facilitate meditation between our thoughts and feelings. It’s said that the technique allows the releasing of limiting thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that we have unconsciously held onto. As we release our limitations we transform to realise our true potential.

Hands-on Process

Typically, cranial reflexology hands-on process is very gentle. Many of the points align with the typical ‘neuro-vascular’ holding points discovered Dr. George Goodheart DC in the early 1970’s to help to relieve stress, tension and associated symptoms. He discovered that by applying light pressure on specific neurovascular points we can facilitate blood flow to associated body parts. As in ‘Touch for Health’ each point may be likened to a ‘fuse in an electrical system’ that has specific mind and emotional associations throughout the body allowing freedom to change. Typically, these points are instinctively touched by individuals when we are overwhelmed or stressed.

Your Next Step

Cranial Reflexology may be seen as a sub-modality of massage. Hence, a great way of experiencing this process for yourself is simply to request a private consultation. With this you simply relax on a massage table for 1 hour to enjoy the ‘hands-on’ process. Afterwards, you may choose the next step to learn the process yourself. You may apply it for yourself, family and friends. After certification, if you’re a practitioner you may choose to include it in your ‘hands-on’ practice.

For more information and to book please visit: https://quantumtransformationalhealing.com/

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