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Self-Care Acupressure – for enhancing well-being

An Holistic Approach

Acupressure is simply ‘acupuncture’ without needles. It’s based on the ancient wisdom of ‘Traditional Oriental Medicine’. It’s known as a ‘holistic’ natural approach for enhancing our well-being. The philosophy, according to this ancient wisdom is that we are a reflection of nature. In essence, we may be seen as a product of how the influence of both the heavens and the earth come together.

Traditional Oriental Medicine

Traditional eastern healing is much more oriented around ‘energy’ with the concepts of ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’. The more mechanical and scientific mind of the west and the energetic practices of the east seem like worlds apart. The complexities of ‘Traditional Oriental Medicine’ is beyond the scope of this article, however in a nutshell, each part of our body is seen in relationship to the whole, rather than just an isolated entity. It’s a beautiful system of looking at our relationship with nature.


Acupressure is basically derived from the principles of acupuncture. It’s the practice of applying pressure on specific acupoints rather than inserting needles. Some people actually prefer this, saying it feels unnatural to be sticking needles in the body. Some say that we get a better feel with acupressure. Both acupressure and acupuncture are a part of Traditional Oriental Medicine. It’s origins are from the ancient practices such as in China, Japan, India and Indonesia.


The acupressure techniques may often be considered as a massage. Actually, many of these points are what many people instinctively do anyway. The main difference is that with the practice of acupressure, we’re applying these techniques with more intention. These techniques can be included everyday as a lifestyle practice. They may also be considered as ‘spiritual’ techniques to bring heaven to earth. We may also see ‘hands-on’ acupressure as a great way of handling stress, pain and fatigue.

Modern Western Science

Orthodox ‘Modern Western Science’, generally has a difficult time getting their head around how the ‘energetic’ practices of the east actually work. One reason for this is the trap of ‘reductionism’, whereas scientists study individual parts of our body but not necessarily how it fts into the the whole. However, there has been much research, and as a result we’re gaining much more integration in recent years. One of the ways of integrating this knowledge is in the well documented and accepted WMS concept of ‘Bio-Energetics’.


The concept of ’Chi’ can be explained in a slightly different way with Modern Western Science. It acknowledges how there’s an electrical potential across our cell membranes. Basically, this electrical potential depends upon a number of factors. In it’s most simple terms we may say that it essentially depend upon our nutrition from the earth and also the effect from the heavens, such as with our breath. Hence, we may liken this to the eastern concept of ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’.

Natural – NOT Alternative

If we look at it, we’ll see that natural healing has been around for as long as humanity. On the other hand, the modern-day pharmaceutical drugs are just the new kids on the block. It’s may be difficult for WMS to adopt natural approaches if there isn’t money to be made in it. Remember, that the closer to nature we are, the easier it is to heal, whereas the more we deviate from nature, the harder it is to heal.

Managing Stress, Pain & Fatigue

Simply put, we may see that most of our problems are because our head and body are in different places. While our mind is thinking one thing, our body is feeling something else. Also we because we are not well integrated with nature, our true self. So much stress, pain and fatigue are due to a poor lifestyle. It’s been said that relaxation promotes healing. Hands-on acupressure is simply a way of connecting mind and body, to promote relaxation and hence help with handling stress, pain and fatigue.

Your Next Step

It seems that so many people now-a days are dependent on others for their wellbeing. This short article is merely intended to be a brief introduction to the practice of ‘hands-on’ self-care acupressure. Maybe, it could help to motivate you to take better care of yourself. This could also be a step towards greater ‘self-empowerment’. As the first step, join us in this FREE webinar on ‘self-care’ acupressure. It’s also a great introduction to the upcoming 1 Day Seminar & ‘Hands-on’ workshop.

For more information and to book for the FREE webinar – click here

For more information and to book for the upcoming 1 day acupressure seminar and ‘hands-on’ workshop – click here


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