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Secret to Feeling Great

It may be considered that so many of our health issues are because our ‘mind and body are in conflict’. Simply put, while the mind is thinking one thing, the body is feeling something else. It’s a bit like a relationship gone wrong. So, the best way of enhancing our wellbeing is to get our mind and body back on the same page. It’s about enhancing our ‘mind-body connection’. As we do this better, we can enjoy greater resilience. I’ve been promoting for decades various ways of doing this. Here are some ideas which may help.

Smoke and Mirrors

We live in a ‘holographic’ world where everything, really is just a reflection of everything else. However there’s also a smoke-screen which distorts this reality. Just as we have day and night, sometimes we may see things more clearly than others. Likewise, within our self, we all have a shadow. In counselling we call it our ‘shadow self’. It’s that hidden part of our-self that we often don’t want to acknowledge. To feel better about our-self we need to learn how to embrace our ‘whole’ self. We need to learn how to see through the distorted haze and see the true reflections. Sometimes, in order to feel better, we need to embrace some discomfort. Here, we discuss in some more detail ways of embracing more of our self, our reality and life.


For decades, I’ve been promoting various ways of gaining greater clarity. It’s natural, many of us prefer the easy way. Also, we now live in the jet age where we want everything instantly. One of the fastest, most simple and easy techniques is through breathing. I call this ‘Recreational Breathing’. It’s a wonderful way of enjoying self-development. The breath is known as the interface between our mind and body. It’s a great way of promoting mind and body integration. If you’re uncomfortable with discomfort, just at the sound of this, you’ll probably want to run away from uncertainty and change. However in todays constantly evolving world, you can’t run away from change. It’s happening everywhere all the time. Recreational breathing teaches us how to breath in the here and now, let-go of yesterday and be open to the next adventure.

Honour Thy Temple

We often forget that our body is our temple. It’s where we dwell. It’s where we go within, reflect, and learn the lesson we need to evolve. If we’re not feeling the discomfort, are we taking away the learning experience. Think of all of the aspects of our body, our life that we need to adjust to allow learning and hence healing to happen. As well as our body, we need to consider our mind, emotions and spiritual aspects. It’s so important to allow our body to be open to change. This is how we grow. With each breath, we draw in ‘spirit’ to allow us to be open to change. It lifts us up, motivates us an moves us forward. This may be considered as a true ‘spiritual’ way of embracing the pace of our modern-day, fast evolving world.

A Holistic Approach

So many people lack an appreciation, respect and honor of their mind-body relationship. They don’t actually realise that their body is their temple. As such, it’s a reflection of our life, our thoughts, emotions, experiences and much more. It’s a print-out of where we’re at. Each point in our body corresponds more specifically to these various aspects. Our temple houses our physical body of evidence that seems to be true for us. So, our body tells us a story, and we’ll keep remembering that if we don’t change our relationship with it. As we change our mind we also change our body and visa versa. How would enhancing your body-mind relationship enhance the quality of your life? Learn the simple process of breathing to facilitate enhanced mind and body connection.

Enhancing Mind-Body Connection

If we neglect our body, then in turn our body neglects us. To turn things around for the better we need to get to know our body better by developing a more loving, intimate relationship with it. As our temple, it hosts a deep memory of a complex series of experiences with senses, feelings, emotions, passions and desires. All of these are intimately connected to many other aspects of our life. It’s like a complex web of inner and outer influences. Our mind-body connection is the pivot point, the doorway to access the intricate world that dwells within us and the world that extends outwards and beyond us. Consider the many mind-body aspects. We know of our genetic inheritance, our evolving environment, culture and our many relationships. Also there’s complex web of more subtle influences, likely to be well beyond our physical awareness.

Feel Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

Many people are hesitant at stepping out of the box. This ‘behavioral inhibition’ is a fairly common temperament. It relates to those who tend to suffer some sort of stress with an introduction of new situations. Hence to stay more comfortable, they tend to withdraw from new, unfamiliar situations. Some are relatively more comfortable than others at trying new things. These people are more comfortable with being uncomfortable. They’ve learned how to stretch their limits and live outside of their ‘comfort zone’. With facing new challenging situations and learning from, consequently they’re stronger and more resilient than they were before. To ‘break-out’ of our ‘comfort-zone’ we need to introduce new challenges. This will help to build greater confidence and ‘self-esteem’, help to build skills to deal with future challenges that may arise outside of your comfort zone.

If we consider that not all conflict is necessarily bad. More-so, conflict can be a great way of gaining more contrast, color and depth into our reality. We’re often merely a product of our conditioning. However, while we continue to subscribe to it, we’re also perpetuating the conditioning. Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary. Especially if we’re wanting self growth. However, when we’re out of our comfort zone, we’re more likely to feel vulnerable However, this is where we grow. The secret is in learning how to embrace our vulnerability. There’s many strategies shared in the 2023 ‘Life-Coaching’ course to master this.


So many people are so addicted to the ‘polarity-game’. Basically, they must see things as being categorically, either ‘right or wrong’. However in reality, most things tend to be merely, relatively more one way than the other. Actually, vey few things could be considered as being ‘absolute’. This old ‘binary’ way of thinking can get us caught in a trap. It’s a mindset that with our strong convictions can too easily imprison us. With this mindset, if something doesn’t fit into our schema, then we can feel at conflict. This may be said to be the cause of many diseases.

Feel-Great’ Solutions

There’s several ‘feel-great’ solutions I’ve been promoting for several decades. Essentially, they’re ways of resolving conflict and gaining greater clarity. Most of these are through achieving better mind and body integration. I offer insights to these practices in my various webinars, 1 day workshops, weekend retreats and ongoing 1 year courses. One of these is through simple and easy breathing techniques. I call this ‘Recreational Breathing’. It’s a wonderful way of enjoying self-development.

Recreational Breathing

Our breath is known as the interface between our mind and body. The power of the breath has been recognised for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. In yoga, breathing has been practiced as a method of physical spiritual development. Recreational breathing teaches us how to breath in the here and now, let-go of yesterday and be open to the next adventure.

Your Next Step

There’s so many strategies to help feel great. Inquire now about the upcoming ‘Summer Solstice’ Recreational Breathing seminar and workshop at Mt. Tamborine in the Gold Coast hinterland. Also, inquire about the upcoming 2023 ‘Life-Coaching’. There’s no fixed pricing – so inquire about your best options to get started.

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