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Bio-Energetic Solutions

In essence, ‘everything is energy’ … so what does this really mean? If we’re just focused on our seemingly physical aspect are we struggling under an illusion? … lets’ find out more.

For thousands of years the ancient eastern mystics have hinted that beyond the seemingly physical world, there is a deeper reality where all is just energy. Now, in the west, the most eminent physicists agree. As physicists are generally interested in the root causes of phenomena, they have now concluded that beyond the seemingly physical matter there is ‘energy’ .

Beyond the Illusion

I’ve noticed over the year that many clients look skeptical once I talk about energy. Yet, in general, people tend to think you’re crazy when we talk about things they don’t understand. So let’s dispel some of these myths. First we’ll look at the well acknowledged and documented concept in orthodox medical science of ‘Bio-energetics’. Then we’ll expand upon this with an appreciation of it’s correspondences in eastern medicine concepts before looking at the practice of ‘Electro-Dermal Screening’ and then the field of vibrational medicine with ‘Homoeopathy’, ‘Quantum Healing’ and more.


Bioenergetics is a field in orthodox biochemistry and biology that concerns energy flow through living systems. It’s basically about how we make and use energy in our body. This is both a well established science and also an area of ongoing research. As we’ve progressed with our knowledge of how this works, we’ve also been able develop better technology to test how well the body is functioning. One way of doing this is with ‘Electro-Dermal-Screening’.

Electro-Dermal Screening

Modern day physicists are now just starting to get their head around what eastern wisdom have known for millennia. The east and west have previously been very different in many approaches, especially when it comes to healing. Yet, more recently we’re building a bridge and hence a synthesis in perspectives. The east, in general sees our body as a reflection of nature. As such, we have the elements of nature within us. There’s now much scientific and medical literature deciphering this. Basically, just as we can use specific ‘acu-points’ that may influence us in particular ways, these same points may be used to ‘assess’ what’s happening within us. Also, it’s suggested that we may help alter these ‘acu-points’ and their correspondences with the use of specific ‘vibrational frequencies’.


This has always been a controversial topic with the medical fraternity. Understandably as it seems to defy all of their logic. Yet there’s many accounts of how well this practice has worked. In essence, it’s about holding and transferring ‘vibrational frequencies’ to achieve a better outcome. It seems strange in western orthodox medicine that water or sugar pills can hold a ‘memory’. To look into this further let’s explore a little bit about quantum physics.

Quantum Healing

Physicists are always discovering new things. With this they’re constantly rewriting the rule book. Now, with the advent of ‘quantum physics’ even the concept of time and space is challenged. As strange as it may seem in conventional quantum mechanics, everything is tightly linked. Much comes down to our thoughts, ‘memory’ and perception of reality. It seems that now the whole world has been turned upside down with these new quantum field discoveries. We’re now entering an era of ‘expanded possibilities’. It’s an exciting ‘cutting-edge’ area to explore.

Your Next Step

You can lean more about both the theory and practice of ‘Quantum Healing’ in my upcoming ‘Bio-Energetic Solutions’ series. After decades of research and experiments in this field I’m excited to be presenting a FREE webinar introducing the basic concepts. I’m also explaining about the upcoming live seminar and then the following ‘hand-on’ experiential workshops.

To join us in the upcoming FREE 30 min webinar please click below:

To join us in the upcoming live seminar & workshop please click below:

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