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Know Your Muscle-Organ-Emotional Correlations

We know that when we get stressed our muscles tend to get tense. This is often seen as a reflex reaction to help with guarding against injury. However, with chronic stress, muscles can become locked into a constant guarding state for prolonged periods of time. This may further cause a cascade of musculoskeletal compensatory mechanisms. Hence, it may further affect other muscles, also connective fascia, ligaments, tendons, bones and spinal alignment.

So many people suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain without knowing how or why it’s happening. Often, there may be an injury that sets off the pain. However without good care it eventually becomes locked into a chronic and degenerative state. There’s often much more to musculoskeletal pain than initially meets the eye. Much of the damage can have an ongoing affect with the way we function. As our muscles become unbalanced, this may further trigger other reactions affecting our organ function, emotions and mental state. As a simple example, tension headaches are so often associated with chronic neck and shoulder muscle tension further affecting the fascia around the head. You most probably know of how many ways that this can affect you. Let’s explore more.

What’s the muscle-organ connection?

What determines whether an injury and associated pain is healed can often also depend on the various muscle-organ and emotional correlations. As our muscles become unbalanced, this may further trigger other reactions affecting our organ function, emotions and mental state. As an example, those who are fearful of their pain and who just seek mere pain relief as a cure are much more likely to have a worse recovery. As a ‘holistic’ approach we need to address the related muscle-organ and emotional correlations.

Also, often underling much chronic, stress-related muscle tension is other corresponding weak muscles. Sadly, such muscle atrophy is mostly due to factors such as a poor lifestyle, malnutrition, bodily misuse and a lack of knowledge. Hence, in such dynamics we tend to recruit various compensatory movements, with poor posture, etc. just to get by. After some time these can further cause a cascade of other imbalances. So typically these are only addressed with ‘band-aid’ treatments.

Accessing Traditional Wisdom

What if there’s a better way of looking at our health than the current orthodox western medicine? The wisdom of eastern medicine have known about these various muscle-organ correlations for thousands of years. As an example, in ancient Indian Ayurvedic and yoga practices there’s been much literature of these various relationships.

In traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM), emotions and physical health are considered to be intimately connected. TOM has traditionally looked at our body more in terms of energy. They see the body in terms of energy pathways, known as meridians. These meridians follow certain lines along muscles and fascia which have also certain organ correlations. TOM literature tells us that these in turn also have specific emotional and mental correspondences. It’s known that this integrated mind-body approach to health follows a dynamic loop where our thoughts and emotions can also impact our physical body and vice versa.

As an example, according to TOM, excessive frustration and anger can adversely affect the liver and result in many related ailments. According to the TOM correlation chards, we know that this may be such as breast distension, menstrual pain, frustration, excessive anger, headache, sore eyes, dizziness and moodiness. We know that this also correlates with specific tight muscle groups. This TOM approach has been practiced for thousands of years. This ancient wisdom is now also adopted by many western health practitioners. One of the most common modalities is acupuncture, however there’s many other ways to apply this wisdom.

Organ-Emotional Correspondences

Basically, TOM is based on the principle that our mind-emotional and physical well-being are intricately entwined. More-so, each mind-emotional and muscle connection is also associated with specific organs. TOM relate to these more in terms of balancing our vital life-fore or ‘Chi’. Each organ has a different type of ‘Chi’. There’s much emphases on balancing yin (passive) and yang (active) chi with the five natural elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal.

With TOM, it’s believed that also our mental and emotional imbalances can affect both our organs and hence associated muscles. According to TOM our emotions and organ correlations may be briefly summarised as follows;

Anger with the liver
Fear with the kidney
Joy with the heart
Sadness and grief with the lung
Worry with the spleen

East Meets West

Interestingly, now modern western quantum science is discovering what the ancient wisdom teachings have known for thousands of years. Quantum physicists now confirm what the the ancient teachings of oriental medicine say, that everything is energy. Everything that makes up a human being, mind-body-spirit also correlates at an energetic level to something in our external environment. Hence, we can use the vibrational frequency of nature and these principles of natural law to help heal and balance our mind-emotions and physical connections. .

This principle of interconnectedness also applies between various physical aspects of our bodies. As an example, the kidneys correlates with the tissue of bone and teeth. Also the the sensory taste of salt, the sensory organ of the ear, and the areas of the lower back, knees, and the heels/feet.

Many westetn practitioners now use ‘muscle-testing’ as a way to tap into our bodys’ wisdom. In the 1960s, George Goodheart, an American chiropractor discovered a relationship between muscle strength and the functioning of the energy meridians. From this developed ‘Touch for Health’, Applied Kinesiology and many other associated modalities.

We know that specific meridians follow along specific fascial lines of muscles. These various meridians also flow through the organs to which they are related. Although these meridians are referred to individually, they ultimately actually interlink with each other. Hence, according to TOM any imbalances in the flow of ‘chi’ in one meridian will also affect others.

Esoteric Wisdom

What if there was an almost magical way where we could tap into tour body for wisdom? Maybe our body is a sort of barometer of our overall wellbeing. Our body has an amazing inner-intelligence. As such, we can tap into our body to access feedback. We can use these to help guide us in many aspects of modern living. Essentially, ‘Esoteric’ wisdom may be considered as that which is not so apparent to the logical and analytical mind. We may say, it’s what modern western science hasn’t discovered yet.

It seems that our muscles ‘tense-up’ for a reason. Maybe, they’re telling us to hold back. Our weak muscles indicate where our underlying deficiencies lie. Our emotions simply express the conflict between what we think is reals yet what our body is actually feeling. These various imbalances can provide for us a reflection of how we are out of sync with nature, and the very nature of our-self.

Our body is a print out of our experiences. It holds a memory of our lessons. It tells the story of our struggles with tight muscles. As an example if you’ve ever eaten something and immediately felt sick, your body telling you that what you just ate is not good for you. Then next time you go to eat that same food or even think about it you immediately again feel sick. Your body remembers and it’s talking to you. Maybe you’ve had that gut feeling about something? Ever felt if something is not good for you, maybe your gut has tightened up. We need to lean how to honour our bodys’ intelligence.

Your Next Step

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