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Do You Suffer from Back Pain?

So many people suffer with stiff neck and shoulders, lower back pain and restricted movement. Back pain is said to be the leading cause of disability. Statistics tell us that it costs us so much in lost work time and hence money. But not so acknowledged is also the loss of recreational activities and the diminishment of our overall quality of life. The chances are that if you’re not taking good care of your body you’ll also be a statistic. For most, with-out proper care, the debilitating symptoms just keep coming back. We should feel comfortable in our body, yet if we’re holding onto pain it makes sense that we just want to escape. That’s why the big-pharma ‘pain-killer’ pills is such a big business. Sadly, so many people just don’t know what else to do to get better.

Solutions to Feel Better

It’s said that for every problem there’s also a solution. It just so happens that our back, muscles, ligaments and tendons are affected by so many different things. Hence, to help resolve back pain there’s many approaches. Remember, everyone in some way is different. Hence, it’s best to approach most back pain problems from a holistic perspective. Here we discuss my top 4 recommendations.

A Holistic Approach

Most people lack an appreciation of their mind and body relationship. They don’t forget that their body is their temple. More-so, our body is a reflection of our life. It’s a print-out of our thoughts, emotions and experiences. Basically, it’s a record of where we’re at. More specifically, each muscle of our body corresponds to certain memories held in our nervous system, stresses in our organs, etc. Hence to change our body we need to address these aspects as well. As an example, we may need to deal with our stress levels, our thought patterns, our behaviours, environment, etc. I offer a range of different counselling techniques to help in dealing with these issues to help turn things around for the better.

How can a Massage Help?

Let’s face it, most people love a massage. It gives us an opportunity to touch base with our body and ‘come back home’. Many people don’t realise that our muscles do much more than just move us. Whilst our structure affects our function, conversely our function also affects our posture. A good massage will focus on where these points meet to get the best results. Ideally a massage would help to enhance our mind-body connection. Most modern day massage practices also embrace the eastern philosophies. This wisdom acknowledges that every organ of our body has various correlations through the nervous system with specific related muscles, movements, etc. We know that there’s specific ‘trigger’ points throughout our body that can help to enhance this connection. We may consider massage as simply a meditation technique. It’s allowing us to to regain our mind and body connection. It’s about tapping into our inner wisdom. Touching base with the right connections will help to re-set the switch to get us back on track.

Honour Thy Temple

Our body directs how the spirit moves through us and in turn how the spirit moves us. Remember, your body is where you dwell. We have our body for the whole of our life, so we need to do our best to take good care of it. Now is the time to start treating your body as your temple, to help enhance your overall well-being. Remember, a temple is where we should practice respect, reverence and love. If we don’t love our body, then in turn our body neglects us. To turn things around for the better we need to practice greater presence, to honour and nurture our mind-body relationship. Each month I offer a specific self-care seminar. In July I’m presenting a 1 day ‘Honour Thy Temple’ seminar and workshop.


Sadly, so many people gradually become complacent. Hence they get stuck in their comfort zone until things get too uncomfortable. Maybe then they’ll make a few little adjustments here and there just to get through the day, but they’re still not really growing. Most people are not motivated to do something while they’re still stuck in their comfort zone. Typically, it’s discomfort, aches and pain that triggers us to do something different. Sometimes we need to learn how to take better care of our-self. I offer a range of ‘life-coaching’ modalities to enhance our lifestyle to turn our life around for the better.

Your Next Step

Most of our problems are because of resistance. You may be fearful of moving forward into the unknown. However you need to consider that if you hold back you’re likely to stay stuck and suffer more pain. We may say that pain is the result of holding onto limiting thoughts. To heal we need to let-go. Our mission is to be functioning well and living vibrantly. This article is merely intended to inspire you to take the next step forward. After 30 years of practicing thousands of massages I’ve developed a series of self-care seminars and workshops. Learn more about how to take better care of yourself with these upcoming events:

  • Honour Thy Temple – FREE webinar – 7pm Wed. 20th July 2022 – to book – please click here –
  • Honour Thy Temple – learn how to escape the sickness industry by enhancing your mind and body connection – 1 Day Seminar & Workshop – Sat. 20th August 2022 – Early bird bookings closing soon – for more info. & to book – please click here –

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