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Tis Time – to Get Started!

Tis time – to get started … now that the silly season is over. We all know that the new year doesn’t really start till February … especially here on the Gold Coast. If last year wasn’t a good year for you … then put your seat belt on. With what’s happening, this year could be more challenging. However, we can make a big difference. I’m super excited about the year ahead. Let’s make it a great one! Learn, how to make 2023 the best year of your life! This is an ideal time to turn things around … for the better!

New Years Resolution
What does this year hold for you? It very much depends on that you’ve resolved. Let’s face it, at the start of a ‘New Year’ is typically when our motivation peaks to set those goals for the year ahead. Most of us find that it’s fairly easy to set these goals. It’s usually about something that we’re either going to do or not do. However, whilst anyone can just set goals, not many can actually follow through to achieve them. Sadly, most new-year resolutions fail, typically within just the first few weeks.

Symbolically, what we do the first day, and at the beginning of the year really sets the pace for how the rest of the year will unfold. So, it’s best to start-off the new year with a great example of how the year will unfold. Sure, we may want to ‘take it easy’ for a while at the beginning of the year. But, typically by February, it’s an ideal time to look at putting things in place to ‘turn things around for the better’ for the year ahead.

How to Get What You Want
Are you back, stuck on the same old treadmill? Maybe working too long hours, with not enough hours in the day, can’t find enough time for yourself, cant enjoy the lifestyle you’d love. Maybe feeling stressed, fatigued, burdened, trapped, frustrated? Is your health suffering, your relationships failing, lifestyle sliding away? Maybe it’s time for a change?

We want what we feel that we are lacking. The major key for turning things around for the better is to break-free from these subconscious sabotage patterns that’s holding us back. Also, a reason that so many people can’t evoke change is because they’re still holding on to the past. Until we can clearly identify our problems and learn our lessons from the past we can’t really let go of old sabotage patterns. If we haven’t learnt our lessons, the future will always be based upon what we’ve always done in the past. We’ll be tripping over the same traps every day. Hence, we need to learn how to let-go of our past. To achieve this we need to awaken awareness. This is the first step to find your ‘mojo’.

How to Find, Ignite & BOOST Your MOJO
Sadly, so many people spend so much time doing what they hate, and as such don’t get the time to do what they love. The first practical step, in finding your mojo is to ask; what are your main problems? For most people, living in the modern world, it’s lack of time and money. Accompanying this is usually concerns of health, security and relationships. This brings stress, pain and fatigue along with a myriad of ways of trying to cope.

Your mojo may be described as your solution to overcoming these problems. Your mojo is your special ‘niche’ in life. It’s where you naturally shine more than anyone else. It’s what you’re naturally good at, when you jump out of bed in the morning, excited to embrace another day. Finding your mojo is about tapping into that which truly excites you, inspires you and lifts you up. You will know when you have found your mojo as you’ll feel as if you are firing on all cylinders and you’ll enjoy an elevated, vibrant enthusiasm for life. We are all unique, and we all have special talents. Your mojo is the magic you possess as you take ownership of your special talents and embrace your desires and passion. As you tap into your unique niche, you will notice how you’ll exude that charming charisma. It’s truly amazing when you have found your mojo how you will notice that people are compelled to look at you differently. You will find how challenges are easier to embrace when we living your passion and engaged more fully with life.

Your Special Niche
In our modern-day western model there’s so often such a push for uniformity. We may see this from the likes of school uniforms, the latest fashion and trends, etc. Yet, it just so happens that each of us is actually unique in some way. This uniqueness is where we’re special, how we shine. Your ‘Mojo’ is your special niche in life. It’s where you shine more than anyone else.

As a practical step, to get in touch with our individual mojo, we essentially need some inner-reflection. From this we may gain introspection, insights and intuitive guidance. This will provide us with greater self-empowerment to take the necessary steps forward. For each of us, our ’Mojo’ is calling out to be heard, it’s just that we’ve been too busy, distracted to listen. From our own intuition we may learn what these ideas, thoughts are, how they’re conceived and how we can give birth to them, nurture and mature them.

Revitalise Your Zest for Life
For many, they’re not truly clear about what they really want, they’re not truly motivated about their desires and passion for the future. So, without clarity and tapping into the power of passion, most people simply stay stuck. So many people are stuck in a ‘mindset. They’re sort-of hypnotised into a trance, with many unconscious behavioral patterns and programs, determining how their day unfolds, often without even knowing so. Also, many people love to be the victim of circumstances. They rather have excuses as to why they fail, and love to

Mojo Mentoring’ is a dynamic and explorative 1 day seminar and ‘play-shop’. A key component of the ‘Mojo Mentoring’ is awakening our awareness and creating greater choices. This is a bonus element in this 1 day seminar and ‘play-shop that’s called ‘Conscious Creations’. This is about breaking-free from these subconscious sabotage patterns that’s holding us back, to turn things around for the better. To achieve this, as we awaken awareness, we’re also more open to see greater possibilities. This is the first step to cultivating enhanced consciousness. If we think about it, nature doesn’t really care if we’re happy or not. It’s about the evolution of consciousness. Consciousness is about being in a coherent relationship with nature. Hence, the true nature of ourself. And as such, how we can evolve, being a true reflection of nature. Look in the mirror and reflect upon how you want 2023 be be for you.

Your Next Step
Are you desirous of making a positive change? If so, you’re welcome to join us in this upcoming FREE 30 minute online webinar: ‘How to Get What You Want’ … learn how to turn things around for the better … how to make 2023 your best year yet! It’s time now to make a positive change, and discover the secrets of how to ‘Live a Happier Life in the Modern World’. Also, learn ‘How to Find Ignite & Boost Your Mojo’ – for greater Aliveness, Passion and ‘Zest for Life’. Ask how you can help yourself … to boost your wellbeing, wealth, freedom, happiness etc. by joining in this free webinar.

I am extending an invitation to this FREE 30 minute webinar for the first 100 bookings only … there’s no risk. … you can’t lose … so if you haven’t yet secured your seat … it’s suggested to book early!

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