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What Does 2023 Hold for You?

As you’re probably aware, there’s many different predictions for 2023. Yet, generally, it’s said to be a year of many more changes. These are likely to be both, big and small. Hence, also there’s chances of some challenges, disruptions, inconvenience and upsets. If we do some research, we’ll see that this is mostly in the business world, technology, social trends and international relations. As always, there’s some changes that may be seen as good and yet others not so good.

We’re Living in Interesting Times

You’d agree that we can get a general prediction of the future from past events. However, no-one really knows what’s going to happen next. Yet, looking at current trends, it’s fair enough to say, if it continues, the internet will probably become much more used and sophisticated. Especially with the impending introduction of ‘Web 3.0’. Along with this, we’ll probably also see an exponential increase in ‘biometric data collection’ under various guises. We may even see ‘biometric monitoring’ with individuals more accurately ‘scored’ with their behavior. This will be at a heavy price of our privacy. Surely, as this happens, the major, big tech companies will need to be held more accountable.

Good or Bad?

We’re likely to see a continued push for a ‘cleaner future’, whatever that may mean. Hence, maybe more ‘electric-vehicles’, solar energy, etc. Again, we may see many changes in jobs as the landscape changes. There’s likely to be more implementation of ‘smart’ things. Smart cities, with smart devices, vehicles, and so on, selling the idea of optimizing how we interact. An then, be aware, as there’s much talk, it’s highly likely at some stage that there will be a change in our monetary system. You may even be aware of how this is already happening. Basically, the trend is that we’re heading towards, what’s called ‘transhumanism’. We need to awaken to this conditioning and be more aware of making better choices for humanity.


We currently see many contradictions. We have the supposed ‘global; warming’ yet we see the coldest weather in history in the US.
We have the marvels of ‘modern medicine’ yet people seems to be getting sicker. We are supposed to be living a better life, yet so many people are more stressed than ever. We are exploring the outer edges of space yet have lost touch with ourself. We’re aware that many parts of the world are currently in conflict, and yet despite our modern day intelligence, any immediate improvement in these situations doesn’t seem beyond the realms of possibility. Whilst in some ways, 2023 may seem difficult, we must take hold of the reigns and turn things around.

New Hope

Some people are more optimistic and say that 2023 will bring us new ‘hope’. Yet, it’s still far too early in humanity’s evolution, to think that there’s likely to be a mass raising of consciousness. It’s just that way, so often, we don’t learn the lessons without first enduring some pain. We need to look at ways of enhancing our world without the need for suffering. This may be about learning how to care better for our-self and others. Never the less, we need to work on our individual ‘self-development’. We need to become more aware and responsible for our life, our planet. This is a call-out to be curious about how you can help humanity to grow in a better way.

Your New Years Resolution

Let’s face it, most predictions are just based on where we are now and where we’ve been in the past. Rather than becoming aligned with these trends, ask your self, how do you want 2023 to be. Ask yourself now, how do you want 2023 to be? Become intimately aware of your ‘new years resolutions’. Be aware that most NY resolutions fail, usually just in the first few weeks. It’s because most people haven’t truly ‘resolved’ the issues that’s held them captive. If we keep doing what we’ve always done, then the future will just be a projection of the past. To turn things around, we need to implement change.

Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Happiness

Remember, we are a part of nature. We need to learn how to live closer to nature. In a nutshell, the closer to nature, the healthier we are. The more we deviate from nature, the more we’ll be dependent on ‘drugs’ and ‘surgery’ to try to ‘fix’ us. As we ‘re-connect’ with nature and our ‘true’ self, the more we may tap into our inner wisdom and happiness. If you’re finding some challenges, and are struggling or slipping backwards in re-connecting with your true self and purpose, maybe you could benefit from some coaching with techniques and strategies to help.

Your Next Step

Make 2023 a great year! Now is the ideal time to make a difference. Learn more on how to turn things around for the better. Book now for the FREE introductory online webinar ‘How to Get What You Want!’ at 7pm on Wed. 1st Feb. 2023. To book – click here

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