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Your Health – Your Choice

Remember, it’s your body, your health, your life, so it’s your choice how you manage it.

Have you agreed for someone else to run your life for you?

The prime minister of Australia, Mr. Scott Morrison recently said on 22nd July 2021; “we’re all responsible for our own health”. He then emphasised more about informed consent. Basically he was saying that ultimately, each individual is responsible for what they do with their own health, with treatment, etc. He further said; “the informed consent process provides the decision to the individual … that’s the sort of country we live in”. Basically he was saying, that people make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies.

How much does your doctor really care about your health.

You may ask, does your GP really care more about your health than their business? Have you ever wondered, do doctors out you on medication on purpose try to keep you as a patient? Let’s face it, if you were healthy, you probably wouldn’t need to go and see your doctor, would you?

How much responsibility do you take for your own health?

So many people, stay stuck in the ‘big-daddy syndrome’ and as such, don’t care much about them-self. For many, their attitude is that if they get sick, ‘the big-daddy’ government, big pharma and the medico’s will take care of them. However, if you really reflect, how much do they really care about your wellbeing?

Your Choice

Although we’re told how we still have freedom in our healthcare options, in reality, our right of choice in healthcare is under threat! It seems there’s so much happening to limit our choices. An an example, private health insurance rebates for natural therapies were basically cut in 2019. Also, ‘natural therapies’ educational courses are being shut down and practitioners unable to access natural ingredients due to imposed restrictions. You may ask, why?

Government & Corporate Control

Basically, with some research, you may find how the likes of big pharma, medicos, etc., various lobby groups continue with their attempts to influence limitations on our health choices. Typically, they say, their excuses are that there is no evidence that natural therapies are effective. Hence, you’ll find that the government is using this to justify restricting your choice in healthcare.

We Have Rights

Despite how the governments, world-wide, World Health Organisation (WHO), etc,. are ignoring available positive scientific evidence we still have rights about our own healthcare. You may be asking, how can we do this in such a suppressive environment? This is why, a vital component of good wellbeing is self-empowerment.

Remember Who You Are

As crazy as it may sound, so many people have lost their identity. Sadly, they’re so conditioned, they’ve forgotten who they really are. Remember, a large aspect of our wellbeing is about our mental attitude, or emotional wellbeing, our environment and our lifestyle. To learn more, get on board with our free, ‘Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Course’.

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