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Spring into Life!


Spring has traditionally been known as the season for a cleanse. It’s also the season symbolising new beginnings, awakening, moving forward, growth and expansion. As well, it’s also the season to take extra special care of our liver. Many don’t realise that our liver performs so many vital functions. We really need to appreciate just how crucial our liver really is.

A WMS Perspective

From a western medical science point of view, amongst many functions, our liver is very influential of our overall wellbeing, with metabolism, hormones and detoxification. It helps in burning fat and hence is instrumental in maintaining our ideal body weight. It detoxifies and purifies the bloodstream. As the liver filters the toxins or chemicals from the body they are disposed of as bile and are removed through the feaces or urine. Also, from a western medical scientific perspective, along with its many hundreds of functions, the liver also helps in water storage, carbohydrate metabolism and helps to control our blood sugar level.

Do You have NAFLD?

It’s so commonly considered that alcohol is the main cause of poor liver health. However may people also suffer ‘Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease’. A fatty liver is just what its name suggests. It’s a build-up of excess fat in the liver cells. In such a liver, the liver becomes slightly enlarged and heavier. This can also lead to many health problems. It may cause inflammation of the liver, scarring, hardening and eventually, cirrhosis and liver failure. Fatty liver is the most common cause of abnormal liver function. If someone has fatty liver then it’s likely that type 2 diabetes may also result. The liver converts glucose from carbohydrates into glycogen which is stored in the liver. It is released between meals to keep energy levels high. Interestingly, glycogen absorbs water over 6 times its own weight. There’s may be many problems associated with NAFLD. Much more is covered in the ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’.

Liver Signs and Symptoms

Much of our wellbeing, our functioning depends on the liver. If the liver is overworked, it will not process hormones well. As an example, women may experience estrogen problems. Hence a woman may get breast lumps, fluid retention, menstrual cramps and so on. If liver does not break down androgens properly then problems such as acne, scalp hair loss, facial hair in women may occur. Also, our liver synthesizes many of the clotting factors necessary for blood coagulation. The enzymes and chemicals required to form blood clots to stop bleeding during wound or cut are secreted by the liver. People who have an unhealthy liver will tend to bleed easily. Another sign that that liver is struggling is when the the colour of the scelera of the eyes and skin turns yellow due to unprocessed bilirubin.

Liver Detox

It’s commonly considered that the way to detox is simply to eat less food. However, many people don’t realise that we actually need good nutrients to facilitate the detox process well. Our liver requires specific nutrients to support its metabolic detox pathways. The more modern approach to supporting the livers detixification pathways is to providew the nutrients it needs to do its job well. This is especially with the second phase of liver detoxification as it’s heavily nutrient dependent. Much research indicates how specific nutrients may help to upregulate these pathways, to assist with toxin biotransformation. You can learn much more in the ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’.

An Energetic Perspective

As well as the WMS more chemical and mechanical framework, our liver may be seen from a more ‘Traditional Oriental Medicine’ energetic perspective. From an eastern, more energetic viewpoint, the liver is seen as corresponding to the wood element. Hence we may see our liver as like a tree. A tree likes to grow and expand however can feel stifled, stagnant or stuck if the conditions aren’t ideal. To grow well, the liver needs a combination of good grounding and plenty of ideas and missions to strive to accomplish. Hence, from a TOM perspective, many liver problems can arise due to imbalances in other organs.

Energetic Liver Support

Energetically, the liver likes smooth free-full flowing movement with gaining forward momentum. Hence, also throughout our body, good muscle movement, active blood and energy flows throughout the body. Hence, many liver problems can arise from suppressed emotions of frustration and anger. It’s well known, as a consequence of this that we may suffer tight fascia, joint pain, eye problems. Anger and frustration needs to be released to allow the liver to flow freely. You can learn much more in the ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’.

TOM Gallbladder

In traditional oriental medicine, whilst the liver is considered as a ‘yin’ organ, it’s element ‘yang’ partner is the gallbladder. We’ll discuss this in much more detail in the more yang aspect of spring in the ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’.

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