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Resolving the Subconscious Issues that Sabotages Our Success!


A Common Conceptual Framework

So often, our perspective of reality can become somewhat clouded. This may be due to such as our limited points of view, our preconceived notions, biased opinions and prejudices. So, to help create some clarify on this topic, I firstly speak of the ‘Consciousness Spectrum’. The basic idea here is that there’s neither, an absolute consciousness or unconsciousness, however more-so a variable spectrum between the two extremes.

The Consciousness Spectrum

I guess if we we’re to be totally conscious we most probably wouldn’t choose to be here with suffering any struggles, and likewise if we were totally unconscious we wouldn’t be able to make any choices at all. We may say that most of our issues, are because the two opposite and seemingly opposing aspects of us are unresolved. By this I mean our mind and body, thoughts and feelings, our inner and outer worlds are in conflict and not well integrated. I guess, putting it simply, if we’re not well co-ordinated, our left hand has difficulty as it doesn’t know too well what the right hand is doing. However, at some level, all aspects of us are some how inter-connected. To achieve this we need to allow our seemingly opposing aspects to become more complimentary of each other. In my further work I refer to this concept as ‘Relativity’.

“the more conscious of our subconscious, the more conscious we become”


Simply put, we self-sabotage because we’re still unresolved about the issues at hand. We most probably do this for a very good reason. However, too often we are not actually aware of this reason. As an example, often, as we may actually self-sabotage just to give us more opportunity to be aware of what we truly desire.

Often, as the bottom line, the reason we fail is simply because we don’t believe in ourself, we think that we’re ‘not good enough’. We may hold a ‘negative core belief’ that we don’t deserve success. This may often be due to low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and low self-empowerment.

Also, too often we may actually be afraid of our abilities, of our greatness, our power, and of what is the true potential of what we can become.

“We’re not so afraid of our weakness, more-so we’re afraid of our greatness”

Never- the-less, the reason we’re not successful is because of some unresolved conflict that’s within us that’s reflected to our outer world. Often, to move beyond this barrier, we need to become aware of these ‘blocks’ and confront them, to become more conscious of resolving our subconscious patterns and bringing them into a more coherent alignment.

Tips, Tricks, Tools & Techniques

Over the years as a ‘holistic’ counsellor and life coach I’ve developed several strategies to help ‘break-through’ our subconscious blocks to achieve greater success. I’m offering 1 hour private consultations in ‘counselling’ and in ‘life-coaching’. I also offer ‘Mojo Mentoring’ which is a wonderful way to discover and apply your special talents and abilities.

“Your Mojo is your special niche in life … where you naturally shine more than anyone else”

Let’s Talk

Counselling consultations offer a great opportunity to talk, along with a series of specific techniques, such as ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’, ‘Neuro-Linguistic-Programming’, ‘Voice-Dialogue’, ‘Multi-Brain Integration Technique’, and more to help facilitate clarity, conflict resolution, decision making, manage stress, and much more.

Also, with various ‘Life-Coaching’ modalities, offers a great way to help enhance your life-style and quality of life. Some of these are; ‘Awakening-Awareness’ to help become more aware of your aspirations, aptitude, goals, vision, etc, Also ‘Stress-Management’ with implementing a series of solutions to help you function more efficiently and ‘Self-Care’ and ‘Mojo-Mentoring’ to help identify, ignite, integrate and implement your ‘mojo’ into different aspects of your life!

For more info; visit www.counselling-goldcoast.com … or book at Ashgrove Chiropractic Clinic (in Brisbane) on 0733666373 or Burleigh Heads Chiropractic Clinic (on the Gold Coast) on 0755359833

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Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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