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Empowering Wellness – Private Consultations


Ron Bass is pleased to offer the following private consultations at ‘Empowering Wellness’ at 1846 Lower Gold Coast H’way, Burleigh Heads.


Remedial Massage Therapies – a series of therapeutic and remedial modalities; myofascial release techniques, deep tissue, manual lymphatic drainage, sports massage to assist with improved outcomes such as stress reduction, pain management, rejuvenation and enhanced performance.

Ron also offers; ‘Bliss Massage’ for relaxation … with an indulging ‘blissful’ experience with aromatherapy essential oils, ‘Head-Scalp-Facial’ massage, TMJ release, Hot Stones, ‘Cranial Bliss Activation’ and ‘Foot Reflexology’ for a blissful zone where you’ll ‘wash-away’ stress and feel deeply relaxed and refreshed.

Also; a combination of traditional oriental modalities with meridian- gentle stretches, moxa, cupping, strategic palpation of specific acu-points, trigger-points, zone-therapy, reflexology, derma-tones & cranial points and more … plus Reiki – ‘Hands-on’ modalities including Seichem and other associated light-touch non-invasive metaphysical modalities to help promote a sense of connection and well-being.


Naturopathic Consultation – assessing the underlying cause and assist with prevention of an illness with a range of specific recommendations such as herbals, nutrition, supplements, essences, massage, etc. – integrating with orthodox medicine which may assist with overall well-being.

Ron also offers; HeartMath bio-feedback technology … a science-based Heart Rate Variability assessment which is known as the golden standard for stress testing to indicate your mind-heart coherence level to help monitor and learn how to master your emotional and physical stress.

Also; ‘Computerised’ testing to help assess stress levels and gain insights … along with ‘Life Coaching’ recommendations which may help to improve well-being  – also with; Awakening-Awareness, Stress Management, Self-Care and Mojo Mentoring – ‘solutions for living a happier life in the modern world’

Let’s Talk! – which may help facilitate assist with Conflict Resolution – a series of counselling techniques to help facilitate ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Stress Management’, ‘Decision-making’ ‘Relationship Issues’  to assist with improved outcomes such as to enhance clarity, focus and performance.

Ron also offers; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – as what we either do or don’t do can have consequences. CBT can help to change unhelpful habits of thinking, emotions and behaviour with simple, practical strategies to help achieve a more positive outcome with issues such as addictions, phobias, grief and loss, etc.

Also; as many of our problems are due to miscommunication, not only with others, but also within our-self, our emotions are a great barometer of the conflict between our thoughts and feelings. Dialoguing can help to promote a more integrated mind-body connection for better harmony. Along with ‘Brain Integration Technique’ – with the latest scientific research showing that we have three brains. We have brain in our heart, our gut and head. mBIT can help to integrate the three brains so that they function better together to achieve better results.

Life-Coaching – offers an opportunity for enhanced ‘Self-Awareness’ – with a series of assessments and strategies to help achieve what you really want in life.

Ron also offers; Stress Management Coaching comprising with a series of sessions with; ‘Stress-Awareness’, ‘Stress-Solutions’, ‘Flick the Switch from Stress to Success’ and ‘Specialised Stress Management Strategies for Success’.

Also; Self-Empowerment Self-Care Coaching along with Mojo Mentoring – Your ‘Mojo’ is your special niche in life – where you shine more than anyone else. Mojo Mentoring is a series of techniques to help identify, ignite, implement and integrate your ‘mojo’ to enhance different aspects of our life – personal and business.

All consultations prices are;
30 Min – $45 or 45 Min – $65 or 60 Min – $80 or 90 min – $120

To Book please phone 0755359833

For more specific info. – for members only – please click here

About Ron Bass

Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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