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Happy Equinox


At the equinox, the day and night is equal … it’s the special, only time when day and night are the same lengths … hence, there’s the same amount time of of light and darkness. At this significant time, the sun and moon share the sky equally … hence the symbolic masculine and feminine principles are in balance. Yet many modern day people may say, so what, who cares?

Many health problems are due to being out of alignment and out of balance and with nature … and hence out of tune with the essence of our-self … hence disharmony and disease.  Most people will start to care more about their connection with nature when they realise how this affects the quality of their life.

Throughout our many ancient traditions, the common theme is that the Autumn Equinox is a time to reflect upon the year … to receive realisations and revelations about how the year has unfolded for us. It’s synonymous with the end of the day, the evening … at time to reflect, integrate and celebrate the events of the cycle just completing.

Holistic healing is about embracing our connection with nature … the essence of who we are. These days especially, as so many people are so busy, we’ve become so fragmented. Hence, many parts of our life has become broken into pieces … hence causing much and dysfunction … hence physical, emotional, mental and spiritual illness.

At this special time of the equinox, take time to reconnect to nature, the nature of yourself … hence reconnect with the universe … embrace your ‘Divinity’ and enjoy living a happier life in the modern world!

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