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Who Truly Cares?

Sadly, now-a-days so many people just don’t care about much. Interestingly, it seems they’re only interested in money. Maybe they’ve feeling weighed-down from the burdens of such a negative, weary world. It’s like they’re in the numb, ‘set and forget’ mode. Caught in such a world, consumed with consumerism, most people have spent most of their life worshiping an illusion. So many hate their job, feel insecure, peddling away on a treadmill, hopelessly working away from 9 to 5 to keep feeding the beast. Insanely, they’ve forgotten who they truly are, hence are suffering an identity crises. They’ve forgotten what they truly care for and have lost their passion and zest for life.

We may say that many are trapped in the matrix. The matrix is much more dense today than it’s ever been. Is it any wonder that so many are seeking distractions as a way to escape from the trappings of this maze. For most, as long as they’ve got their beer or wine in their hand, watching the ‘footy’ or favourite TV show to numb-out, they seem ok. Yet, the more we suppress how we truly feel the more sick we become. We must wake-up and realise that these are not natural human traits.

The War Within
It just so happens that much of our problems stem from our inner-conflict. For instance, if we try to escape from our discomfort, we only develop deeper pain. So many addictions, are merely due to our inability to embrace reality. This is the cause of many addictions. They’re an attempt to escape. The bottom line, so often is fear. Many people are fearful of their feelings and emotions. The more we try to avoid our fears, the more we’ll suffer pain.

In an increasingly complex world, so many people are struggling to keep up with the pace. It’s so important that we develop the skills to be adaptable to these changes. Resistance often eventually causes further reaction. It’s more difficult to enjoy a fulfilling life while we’re not able to embrace our feelings. Sometimes, it’s almost as if some people have a phobia to feeling. If we’re not able to feel, eventually pain turns to numbness. We see too many examples of this in the world today. Every moment we’re not alive, we’re killing ourselves. Death doesn’t happen immediately, it happens step by step, gradually over time. We may say that all death is really suicide. We’ve lost our willingness to embrace the experiences in our life.

As we look around, we can see how there’s so much pain and suffering in our world. It’s very common for people to try to avoid pain and suffering through suppression and distraction. Simply, most people have fallen asleep. Buddhist teachings say that we increase our suffering through our attempts to avoid it. Much of our suffering merely stems from our negative attitude. In our slumber, we often forget how everything in nature is somehow interrelated. From a lack of awareness we’re just perpetuating the myths.

The key to awakening is to first realise that we’ve fallen asleep. Then, learn how to transform from the negative ‘mind-set’ to a more positive outlook. Hence, we can learn how to transform pain and suffering into more pleasurable experiences. To key to accessing this wisdom is within us.  There’s much wisdom to be gained from every experience, feeling and  emotion. Then the key is to learn how to transform from negativity to gratitude, from fear to love. As with grief, we often forget that it’s better to have had and lost than to never have had at all. In any situation where you feel fear, resentment or other negativity ask your-self, am I having an unconscious reaction to this situation? Then the secret is how to become aware and responsive rather than reactive. Ask, what options do I have to help make things better? As we become more curious and interested about how we’re feeling, rather than just reactively suppressing with some distraction, we can allow for greater awareness. Awakening awareness allows greater choices for transformation.

Conscious Connection
From awareness comes consciousness. Consciousness is very much about how well we’re connected. The key here is  clear communication. Much of the pain and suffering in our world is due to our miscommunication. Not only with others, but also within our-self. A big part of this process is tuning into our inner-body’s wisdom. Cultivating our head to heart and gut connection is the key. A wonderful modality for this is called M Braining. Basically the method acknowledges that we have 3 main brains, the head, heart and gut. Each of these hold special resources that can help us in their own way. We may often hear ‘what’s your gut tell you’ and ‘what’s your heart telling you’?

As we’re able to tune into our inner wisdom and communicate with our 3 brains, of our head, heart and gut, we’re able to better integrate and make transformational changes. Hence we may experience enhanced self-esteem and self-empowerment with our relationships, our career and our life.

We live in a culture now-a-days where everyone just wants a happy-ending, just like on the movies. We are all conditioned with that fantasy and then we act it out. Sometimes, the conditioning can be so deep that it may seem as if we have no choice. Hence, so many people are merely actors on a stage. However they’re not authentic. After a while we may just get sick and tired of the façade and pretentiousness. Paradoxically, the more we chase happiness, the more elusive it can become. Authenticity is the key to a real, happy life.

We all have enormous power by our mere presence on the planet at this time. Our nature is to have an open, loving and caring heart for one and other. Everything is important. It’s important to care for everything. There’s something magical within us all . We all want permission to feel our emotions with innocence. We’re looking for the freedom to explore our emotions, because they are the juice of life

Your Mojo
Your ‘mojo’ is your special niche in life. It’s where you naturally allow your ‘soul to shine’ more than anyone else. We all have many different aspects. Whist a part of many people wants to keep their eyes closed and stay in fear and victim hood there’s also an aspect within us that’s open and embracing for healing and happiness. We are serving no one by being in denial and staying asleep. To move forward with empowerment and love requires us to take accountability and responsibility.

Your ‘mojo’ is your true nature. Our true nature is to exude, happiness, passion and a joy for life. It’s healthy to connect with others who are also aligned with their mojo. As, then as our inherently bubbly joy-mojo is is contagious, we can also positively effect others around us. Much of our happiness depends on the influence of those we’re most connected to. As others are happy around us, we’re also most likely to enjoy happiness. And more-so, the happier the more successful we’re likely to be.

To find, ignite and boost our ‘mojo’ we need to truly care. WE need to learn more about our-self, who we are, our desires, passion and loves. We have choices to engage our desires and passion or not. Every time we come back to nature, natural, simple care, we are making a choice. For the sake of everyone, all people on the planet, and for the planet it’s so important that we’re being true to our-self, we find, ignite and boost our ‘mojo’ and that we truly care for our-self and one and other. Our ‘mojo’ is about about enhancing the quality of our life. If it’s good for, if it’s good for others and the planet, it’s good!

Let’s Talk!
The counselling techniques I offer can help to create some clarity about these issues. So many of our problems are merely due to a lack of awareness, caring and communication. This is not only with others, but also within our-self. I offer a diverse range of counselling techniques to help facilitate ‘Awakening Awareness’, Conflict Resolution’, ‘Stress Management’ & ‘Life-style Coaching’. Also, these can help immensely with decision-making, relationship issues, conflict resolution, grief and loss, crisis support, stress, pain & fatigue management, self-care & self-development. Take your first step to help create greater clarity and to enlighten your vision. With ‘Mojo Mentoring’ you will learn how to find, ignite and boost your ‘Mojo’. 

Awakening awareness is is the first step in ‘Mojo-Mentoring’. This is about discovering who we really are and how we relate yo the world. Discover your ‘aspirations’, your innate thirst, what you really want to achieve in life. This is very much an integrated mind-body connection approach. Remember, our emotions are a great barometer of the conflict between our thoughts and feelings. 

Ron Bass holds a Diploma of Counselling, Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cert. Voice-Dialogue & is a certified M-Braining Practitioner. Ron has had over 20 years of experience in conducting counselling and life-coaching consultations.

Here’s your next step; simply send me a message with your interest. Lets make free 10 min phone consultation to answer any queries and organise a private 1 hour face to face consultation. You may then choose to join our online course and ongoing support.

About Ron Bass

Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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