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Awakening Your Awareness

Sadly, nowadays many are asleep, being slowly conditioned, hypnotised without knowing it. I get it, life can be monotonous, also at times be very painful and scary. And somehow we just want to avoid at almost any cost any discomfort. Distraction is often a great technique. Entertainment is a great way to take our eye off the target. Yet, there’s times we need to be wide awake and aware.  

Asleep at the Wheel?

As we all know, falling asleep at the wheel could end in a train wreck. It’s not always easy waking up. Especially when it feels very comfortable while asleep. Now, sometimes to improve things in our life we need to confront some truths and sometimes they may be uncomfortable truths.

The Cognitive Dissonance Dilemma

Sometimes we may have accepted so many lies for so long that we find our-self in conflict with reality. Thus, when exposed to new ideas, conflicting thoughts may have us confused. Being stuck in such a persistent, unresolved state for so long can lock us in a stalemate. The ongoing stuck state of having inconsistent and conflicting thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes about important things in our life may drive us to just want to just fall asleep and hide.

The Uncomfortable Truth

You may know of a movie in the 90’s called ‘A Few Good Men’ and one great line is “you can’t handle the truth”. This may be the very reason that the truth remains hidden from us. It’s actually a myth that ostriches bury their head in the sand, yet so often it seems that so many people bury their heads in the sand. Often, we just don’t want to know that which conflicts with our current belief system. Look at history, how innovators have been ridiculed and incarcerated in many ways. 


Simply put, we self-sabotage because we’re still unresolved about the issues at hand. We most probably do this for a very good reason. However, too often we are not actually aware of this reason. As an example, often, as we may actually self-sabotage just to give us more opportunity to be aware of what we truly desire.


Often, as the bottom line, the reason we fall asleep and hence fail is simply because we don’t believe in our-self. We think that we’re ‘not good enough’. We may hold ‘negative core beliefs’ that we are less than, not good enough and don’t deserve success. This may often be due to low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and low self-empowerment. Also, underlying, too often we may actually be afraid of our abilities, of our greatness, our power, and of what is the true potential of what we can become.

Mack-Truck Syndrome

Avoid becoming a victim of the ‘Mack-Truck Syndrome’. Sadly, with this syndrome, for many people, much of the time they are simply not aware of observing the numerous various subtle signposts with each step along the way in their journey throughout life. They may receive a tap on the shoulder, a slap on the wrist, a knock in the head, and fall on their back side, yet they still had not listened to the message. Yet, sadly, it is not until the big Mack truck comes along and knocks them off their feet, and until they simply have no choice do they heed the warning not to continue down the path they were going.


Awakening is coming out of a sleep state. It’s arousing from a slumber, spring into being, arising, spring into being, reviving and to live again. Awakening is also about being open to changing our past paradigm. It’s about being inspired, moving forward to become more aware of what you’re not aware of. When we awaken awareness, we pay attention and take more to heart what we were previously unaware of.

Awakening Awareness 

As we awaken we also attend to and take into account and connect in an integrated way the various aspects into our life. As we do this we become more whole. As we communicate with aspects of our-self we then become more aware, so as to be able to take more into consideration our various choices in life. Ultimately, it’s how we choose to respond to our circumstances that make a difference. We choose a more wholesome relationship with the various aspects of our-self, with others and our world.

A Better Life!

It’s just how things have unfolded, now-a-days it seems that commerce and money is the new religion. Are  you paying  attention to what you are paying attention to. Are you in present time or caught-up in some sort of hypnotic trance-like state. The top fixations for so many people are money, including their work and then how to escape reality with entertainment. Only then are most concerned about their relationships, wellbeing and environmental factors. We often don’t stop to consider what we ultimately want. How would a better life be? We all want to re4solve stress, pain and fatigue and live a happier life. Yet, what cost are we willing to pay to achieve this?


Awakening awareness is a pathway to enhancing our consciousness. It’s gaining clarity and greater appreciation about where we’ve come from, know who we are, what we’re doing, where we’re going. There’s many benefits of ‘Awakening Awareness’ and enhancing consciousness. As we gain a clearer perception of reality, it may assist with making better choices and more effective decisions. Also to tap into our inner wisdom and guidance by enhancing our ‘Self-Awareness’. It may also help us with focusing on the keys to enhanced health, wealth, wisdom and happiness.  


 Basically, self-awareness is about getting to know our-self. It’s about being awakened to our abilities, our capabilities and talents, Also about acknowledging our limitations. Along with greater self-awareness also comes enhanced self-acceptance, self-love, self-care and transformation. This may be considered an essential component of well-being.

The Art of Living

Sadly, so many people are like the walking dead. They’re like zombies. Most people are not successful because they don’t love what they’re doing. Therefore, they don’t love their life. It just so happens, our life is a reflection of who we are. Hence, they don’t love themselves. Simply put, if we don’t love our self, we’re not successful. 

So many people are unsuccessful because they are not aware. This is because they become complacent and fallen into a rut. This may be because they feel that they are forced to do what they don’t want to do. Then on the other hand, they believe that they can’t do what they want to do. We may say, many are stuck in an existence of resistance. This is resistance to change. Resistance to change causes conflict. Unresolved conflict tortures us and sabotages our growth. They have become are trapped, bound, imprisoned and enslaved as a victim of their circumstances.

Keys to Success

To be successful, we need to awaken out of complacency. We need to break free from the shackles, that are holding us back. Success is created by the choices that we make. Our life is a reflection of our consciousness. If we fall unconscious, we fail to reach our full potential.

The way to ‘breakthrough to success’ is to break the old sabotage patterns to allow you to do what you love and to love what you do. The key is being in integrity. It could be said that integration is about being more conscious about resolving conflicts.

When you truly love yourself, you will do what you love … and when you do what you love you will love yourself!

Your Next Step

As the initial step of Awakening Awareness I recommend a ‘Self-Awareness Exercise’. I’ve included what’s called a ‘Zest-Test’ with a ‘Chakra-Consciousness-Assessment’. As a part of the online ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring’ course you will learn how to ‘Awaken Awareness’ with gaining a clearer perception of reality to assist with making better choices and more effective decisions. Learn how to tap into inner wisdom and guidance by enhancing your relationships with your sub-conscious to gain enhanced self-confidence. Align yourself to a place of higher consciousness with a step by step process to transform your old unconscious programs of pain and suffering into more conscious choices of enhanced enjoyment in life. Also learn the essential tools to free your self from the matrix to enjoy greater outcomes in your life.

NB. This is not for those who wish to stay stuck, in your old beliefs. If you enjoy whinging and whining, and holding on to your pain and suffering then this is not for you. If you are serious about making a difference for greater success in your life, then this course is for you!

Tips, Tricks, Tools & Techniques

Over the years as a ‘holistic’ counsellor and life coach I’ve developed several strategies to help ‘break-through’ our subconscious blocks to awaken awareness and achieve greater success. To compliment the online ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring’ membership I’m also offering 1 hour private consultations in ‘counselling’ and in ‘life-coaching’. I also offer ‘Mojo Mentoring’ which is a wonderful way to discover and apply your special talents and abilities.

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