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Breath-Awareness … for enhanced Self-Awareness


Sadly, so many people now-a-days breathe very poorly, hence are suffering many problems. With habitual chest breathing, mouth breathing and over-breathing, we see the likes of so much stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue, sleep problems and weight gain issues. Unfortunately, these poor patterns can also lead to so many chronic diseases. We can easily stop being a victim of those life-limiting illnesses. It’s time to turn things around.  Simply, these problems could be because we’ve forgotten the true art of breathing. As strange as it may sound, learning how to breath better can be very helpful in living a happier life.

Interestingly, most people most of the time are unconscious of their breathing. As a consequence, so many people are so out of sorts, they’re just not feeling like them-self. Strangely, most people somehow believe that they have normal or even good breathing. Put bluntly, poor breathing patterns are likely to be sabotaging your health and ability to function optimally. However, what if what if I told you that we could easily boost our well-being, improve our daily performance in all sorts of activities, simply by enhancing our breathing.

Here, I’m revealing what’s considered as an amazing secret to success. I’m so fortunate that several decades ago I happened to stumble upon an ancient, powerful breathing practice. I’ve actually experienced for myself and others how this ‘mind-blowingly’ simple and yet also powerful breathing technique can improve lives. So many people are amazed when they realise through their own experience just how powerful breathing can be.

The ‘Breath-Awareness’ session is an amazingly mind-opening experience. This is typically presented as a 1 hour combined seminar and experiential workshop. Throughout this experiential component of this workshop, you’re likely to discover for yourself the power of breathing. Our breath is like our own tide within us. It has the power to resolve conflicts between our inner and outer worlds. The more we connect with our breath, the more it will connect us with our essence. As a mistake, many people strive so hard to be more in control of their breathing. Yet, we simply need to become much more comfortable with our breathing. The more comfortable we become, the more we can enjoy being in the ‘zone’. When we’re in the ‘zone’ we’re much more open, aligned, receptive, connected and integrated. Being integrated allows us to enjoy the magic flow of spontaneity and synchronicity. This boosts our creativity and productivity. At the end of the day, we enjoy life more.

So many people sabotage their progress with overfeeding their inner critic, and hence with procrastination. If our inner critic is criticizing our every move, it’s typically blocking and hindering your progress. In this case, fear is running the show. To be successful, we need to be like a ‘real-life superhero’. As our mind is well aligned with our body and emotions through our breath we can progress forward with confidence. There’s a deep, intimate connection with our breathing and our spirit. As we’re more aligned with our spirit, we’re moving more in the right direction. Hence, we’re able to conquer those inhibiting illnesses such as stress, anxiety, procrastination and fatigue. Once we’ve conquered those inhibiting factors, we can enjoy enhanced alignment with our true purpose, performance, success and happiness in life.

Join Ron Bass in the following series of breathing seminars and workshops.

– Awakening Awareness
In this insightful seminar and experiential workshop you are guided with specific exercises to help become more aware of your breathing
With an enhanced awareness of your breathing also comes an enhanced self-awareness.

– Breathe Your-Self Better
In this inspiring seminar you will gain common-sense information into the wonderful power of the breath. This seminar is a wonderful introduction to ‘Recreational Breathing’.

– Recreational Breathing
Presenting a series of powerful breathing techniques to help enhance creativity. This seminar and workshop is a great introduction to the next segment of transformational breathwork.

– Transformational Breathwork
In this seminar and workshop you are guided into the specific transformational breathing technique to help transform ‘negativity to positivity’ and reclaim your self-empowerment.

Your presenter: Ron Bass is a fully qualified Naturopath, Remedial Therapist, Counsellor and Life-Coach. Ron places an emphasises on a holistic and bio-energetic approach to wellbeing, with special interests in the of management stress, pain, fatigue and sensitivities. Ron’s path in natural healing unfolded throughout the 80’s with a deep involvement in Martial Arts, Yoga and Meditation. Over several decades, Ron has developed an interest in a mind-body-emotional approach to healing and has also studied Esoteric Healing, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Hypnosis and Breathwork. It’s estimated that Ron has presented breathing seminars and workshops to thousands of people over nearly 30 years.

Upcoming Events: 

FREE ‘Breath-Awareness’ Seminar & Workshop – 18th Sept. 2019 – Ashgrove, Brisbane – For more info. & to book – please click here

FREE ‘Breath-Awareness’ Seminar & Workshop – 19th Sept. 2019 – Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast – For more info. & to book – please click here

1 Day – ‘Recreational Breathing’, ‘Breath-Your-self Better’ & ‘Transformational Breath-work’ Seminar & Workshop – 21st Sept. 2019 – Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. For more info. & to book – please click here

For more info. & to book – please contact me

About Ron Bass

Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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