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Australian Society for Bioregulatory Medicine – Clinical Homotoxicology Masterclass

I attended an excellent Clinical Homotoxicology Masterclass today by Dr Kel Boys of the Australian Society for Bioregulatory Medicine.

Homotoxicology is a form of Bioregulatory medicine, practised for over 50 years and is now widely utilised in 60 countries, primarily addressing the body’s failure to deal with the burdon of toxins, using low dose physiological stimulation.

Homotoxicology promotes the importance of the Extracellular Matrix; the non cellular substance that surrounds and influences the behaviour of our cells.

Today, we are shifting away from the old reductionistic model of medicine to a more wholistic perspective.

The seminar helped me reflect as to why we are in the ‘Empowerment Health’ field, and what is the driving force for us to do things differently.

The orthordox, allopathic mechanical or biochemical approach is merely focused at achieving stability or homeostasis, whereas Bioregulatory medicine employs a multistage approach, of applying stimuli to multiple targets, to promote activation, and healing  rather than suppression.

Along the principals of Homoeopathy, Homotoxicology works to reverse the evolution of disease, in what is referred as a ‘Disease Evolution Table’, adapted to the uniqueness of each individual.

Sir William Olser, M.D., (1849 – 1919) said; “It is much more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has”

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