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What is Your Million Dollar Question?

I was fortunate to attend a talk today in Brisbane by Roger Hamilton, the founder of Wealth Dynamics.

Roger is truly an inspiring speaker. He started the presentation, with; ‘no-one knows what’s going to happen in the future’. Although he says we would probably agree that we are here for a bigger purpose, and the future is not what we think it is.

Roger has skillfully adapted the I Ching  (or Yi Jing) known as the oriental classic of changes, to gain a better understand our various individual talents, strengths and weaknesses in a personality profile. 

Along with the classic elements, associated seasons Roger says there are eight different profiles and assosiated natural paths to achieve a greater ecology and wealth.

He also says today, and every day is a million dollar day. We enjoy the resources today that royalty could only have dreamt of in other times. Every day we consume millions of dollars of resources and turn it into more value for our-self in various ways.

However, we often try to solve problems in the wrong way, as we are seeking the wrong answers. All of our problems are not solved at the same level of thinking in which they’re created. We need to shift our level of thinking. Roger spoke about the age of ‘augmented humanity’. This is the notion that, as we link seamlessly with technology, we are able to operate with senses, cognition, memory and powers far in excess of those that we were born with.

To compete, successfully in a business world we need to shift our awareness, and question what’s possible. The big question is, what is your million dollar question?

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Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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