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Easter: Es’ter, Ishta, Ostera, or Eostre’ …

Year after year, parents and children perform the ‘Easter Egg’ and ‘Hot Cross Bun’  rituals on “Easter Sunday” … often unconsciously, without giving the matter very much thought. So, what do bunny rabbits and coloured eggs have to do with Easter?

Easter (es’ter), Ishta, Ostera, or Eostre’, was the Goddess of fertility  The ancient Anglo-Saxons denoted the adoration and glorification of the ancient pagan goddesses for spring, fertility, re-birth and new life, long before Christanity.

 Easter was the Spring Equinox festival celebrated in her honor. The fertility goddess has origins back to ancient Babylon, known as Ostera or Eostere; Queen of the heavens.

When Christanity arose, the pagan traditions were tied into Christanity. It is interesting to note many Christian holidays blend together with ancient pagan holidays celebrated for thousands of years prior. Before Jesus walked the Earth, we celebrated the rites of Spring at this time of year, with the perfect balance of light and darkness, called the Equinox.

Did you celebrate the ‘Equinox?

 See; http://youtu.be/H_B6zPmc7nA

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