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Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management
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Awakening Awareness

Interestingly, I’ve heard so many times over the years that so many people often don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe I’ve been sharing something … and then they come out and say ‘You’ve lost me …. I’ve no idea what you’re talking about’. I understand, as it seems that there’s so much conditioning in our world, … Continue reading

Significance of Easter

Many people are surprised once they do some research on the origins of Easter. It seems that Easter most likely had Pagan origins. The name ‘Easter’ originated from an ancient Pagan Goddess of fertility, Eostre.  She was known as a Goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe. She was a Goddess of fertility and sex. Her … Continue reading

Autumn – Season of Transformation

Most people usually just consider that Autumn is that season of transition from summer to winter, it’s when the temperature starts to cool down a little, the daylight gradually becomes a little shorter and when the trees start to loose their leaves again.Yet, in essence, it actually means much more than that. Living with the … Continue reading

Changing Our Ways for a Better Life-style

I’m sure you know how it typically goes …. the bills just seem to keep coming in and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Maybe, then there’s the many unexpected situations, with surprise guests, technical hassles, and the list goes on. Throughout 25 years as a Naturopath I’ve observed that the … Continue reading

Summer Solstice Summit

Are you looking for an enhanced quality of life with more love & happiness? … join us with this 2 day full live-in Self-Development Retreat at glorious Mt Tamborine … revealing ‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the World’. I welcome to come along and learn more on how to ‘Find, Ignite & ‘Boost … Continue reading

Sick Lifestyle Syndrome

Is your poor lifestyle making you sick? Nowadays, so many health issues could be the result about the poor way we live. I call it the ‘Sick Lifestyle Syndrome’. Maybe it’s not a real syndrome per se, however this ‘SLS’ may actually be the main cause of most of our problems. Yet strangely, somehow this … Continue reading

Holy Mothers Day

Tis a special day … in gratitude to all mothers … and the grand-mother of all … our Mother Earth! Mother earth unconditionally supports and nurtures us, despite what we do to her. She provides the grounding, foundation, the platform and the nest for us to nestle in and rest. All mothers instinctively have the … Continue reading

Don’t be an April Fool!

Once upon a time the new year actually started on the 1st April. Then there was a ‘change of time’. This was way back in the 1500’s by Pope Gregory X111 .. of the time. Word has it that he ordered a new Gregorian calendar to replace the old Julian Calendar. For some reason the new calendar called for … Continue reading

It’s that Magical, Mystical Time of Year!

it’s Winter!… Winter’s that magical mystical time of year … it’s about retreating to the essence of our soul … it’s about a quiet reflection, tuning in, and tapping into our inner wisdom. This winter I’m presenting a series of seminars to help improve our life-style. For more details, see my schedule at http://www.blissversity.com   … Continue reading

It’s Love Month!

Again Valentines Day’s come and gone. Much has been spent on those fancy gifts, chocolates, flowers, cards and dinners. Many are hopeful that the flavour of Valentines Day ‘love feast’ may spill over into the rest of the month, especially the retail sector. Interestingly, it’s said that Valentine’s Day had it’s origins from the Catholic Church. Legend supposedly recognizes … Continue reading