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Managing Fatigue

So many people complain about feeling tired. Fatigue is probably one of the most common complaints in clinic. It also seems to be one of the most difficult for main stream, orthodox medical doctors to treat.

The Problem

Often, victims of fatigue blame their circumstances. They typically say that they feel burdened, weighed down, stressed, sick and tired of the daily grind. It may also result in so many other negative consequences. Also, when fatigued, we’re much more susceptible to also feeling stressed. Hence, from there an ongoing, painful downward spiral.

Boost Your Vitality

The main underlying cause of fatigue is simply due to a poor vitality. Essentially, to overcome this we need to learn how to boost our vitality. Learning the basic principles of boosting your vitality can really make such a huge difference to our wellbeing. Then, as we’re enjoying a high vitality, we can also handle challenges easier. How important is it, for you to improve the quality of your life?

Winter is the Season of Rejuvenation

Are you really fatigued or in actually just in need for rejuvenation? There is an ideal time for all aspects of life. Remember, each day the sun gradually rises and then gradually sets again. Likewise, we have these cycles within us. Learning, the principles of living with the seasons is a great way to enhance our vitality. Winter is the season for rejuvenation. It’s the season to slow down, rest, go within and rejuvenate.

Natural Approaches

As a Naturopath with over 30 years of experience, I consider that the main underlying cause of poor health is low vitality. Fatigue may often be due to underlying deficiencies, hence a weakness. As well as the typically considered nutritional aspect, there’s also usually much more. To support our nutrition, we need to consider our digestive function. This can also be affected by many other issues. Ideally, it would be a natural, integrative and ‘holistic’ process.

Holistic Approaches

Fatigue, as with most issues, can seem complex, hence can be can best addressed with a ‘holistic’ and multi-faceted approach. To add with the complexity, there seems to be so much confusion and falsehoods about vitality. As an example, many may say that just a good, strong cup of coffee or two, along with some favourite sweets will fix the problem. However, after some time this will only further exacerbate the problem. In most cases, fatigue is not just the result of one thing. More so, there actually seems to be many varied underlying causes. It seems more-so that it’s usually about how a combination of factors come together. Hence, a more holistic approach is the most appropriate way to address fatigue.


Interestingly, working with so many people in private consultations, seminars, workshops and courses over many years I have discovered how often fatigue ultimately relates to being trapped in some sort of a conflict. We may say that it’s going against our nature, being disconnected from reality and falling into into victimhood. Reflect upon how you are much more likely to feel tired when attempting to go against the grain, doing something that you don’t enjoy. Do you ever feel as if you’re trying to keep holding that beach ball down under the water. How tiring does it become after a while? The most successfully way of managing fatigue is with managing our lifestyle.

Mojo Mentoring

To manage fatigue, we need to look at ways of enhancing our lifestyle. My focus nowadays is more on lifestyle coaching with an emphasis on managing fatigue with ‘Mojo Mentoring’. Sometimes, we may say that low vitality is a result of poor enthusiasm, motivation, and losing our ‘mojo’. The bottom line to boosting your vitality really is about living a vibrant life. The key to this is to ‘Find, ignite and boost your ‘mojo’. Your ‘mojo’ is your special niche in life, it’s where you shine more than anyone else.

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Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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