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Celebrating the Mystical Winter Solstice


Once upon a time, mankind was much more in tune with nature. Research tells us that throughout history, the winter solstice have been celebrated for thousands of years by many different cultures. For much of humanity, the depths of the winter solstice is seen as the most mystical time. Astrologically, this event marks the longest and darkest night of the year.  Must of our ancient, traditional celebrations have been developed in the northern hemisphere. One such sacred festival has been Saturnalia. It’s said, that this was the original Christmas. Obviously, in Australia, in the southern hemisphere, this most mystical time of year is celebrated on a different date than the northern hemisphere.

So what does the Winter Solstice mean for you?
This natural mystical event happens only once each year. Yet, typically the masses remain hypnotised, in a trance and so distracted by the worldly commercial events to be aware of it. Most people have little or no idea that this natural phenomenon even exists!

These days, it’s really only a handful of conscious beings that are aware of the important significance of this natural phenomenon. What’s more, aware of how we’re intrinsically connected with nature and hence how by aligning with this natural event how it can empower us.

We may say that the winter solstice is like a time of reversal. This represents a turn-around from an outer expression to a more inner reflection. At this special time of year, we may say there’s like a gap in time, when a sort-of gateway slides open to tap into the more hidden aspects of our-self. The Saturnalia is the one only time of the year, for honoring the most deepest aspect of our soul.

At this most special time, it sets the scene when, there’s a turning of the tables, so to speak. Saturnalia relates to Saturn. This is traditionally about turning around form and structure, hierarchy and reversing karma.

At this most significant time, the spirit is the weakest and the soul has the greatest influence upon us. The soul may be considered as our deepest foundation. This is when this most feminine aspect of us reigns supreme. By going within, and dwelling at the seat of our soul is when we gain the deepest insight of who we truly are.

At this most most soulful time, the yin aspect of us becomes full and we honour our feminine principle. According to the eastern philosophy, ‘yin’ is about being passive, inactive, resting and introverted. This is when the feminine principal rises over the masculine. This is the special, sacred time when our mind submits to our soul, the Goddess. At this time of the turn-around she sets the way for the next solar return. This is when the most feminine aspect of us may bring her presence to the surface. We become more passive and to reflect upon the depths of our soul.

The winter solstice is the time to rejuvenate and regenerate. Learn more about seasonal living principles … in the upcoming ‘Living with the Seasons seminar. To learn more or to book – please click here

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