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Frustrations and Celebrations of a Naturopath

Naturopathy is an Interesting Profession

Being a Naturopath is interesting in many ways. In some ways it can be very frustrating and in other ways very rewarding. It seems that now-a-days, so many people in our society are against Naturopaths. Especially those who are in the medical profession … and then all of the bureaucratic spin-off from that, with the health insurance companies, etc.

Hence, Naturopaths are generally not very well respected by our society. Most people would consider Nauropaths as ‘quacks’. A medical doctor once told me how they just seen Naturopaths as a ‘thorn in their side’ … basically a nuisance. In essence, we could say that Naturopaths are seen as a threat to the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Let’s face it, we all know that the drug industry is big business. It’s reported that they make many billions of dollars annually, but they only get paid when you’re sick. That’s how the masses keep feeding this massive ‘Medical Monster’. However, what if, in reality these drugs are merely keeping your signs and symptoms at bay? On the other hand, imagine if patients were actually educated on how to keep well. Of course the medical and drug industries would see Naturopaths as a threat to their profits.

How to Escape the Sickness Industry

What is the ‘sickness industry’? It’s known that medical doctors primarily work in an allopathic way. It’s understood that the pharma drugs will only treat the symptoms as long as you are still taking them. They’re not really focused on curing the underlying causes. Hence, that’s why you need to keep taking them. They sell their drugs to keep their clients coming back for more and more. We could say, that’s why they’re called drugs. Consider, if these drugs truly healed you, you wouldn’t need to keep taking them. The big pharma drug business is actually built upon an ongoing sickness model.

The modern-day orthodox approach to medicine has got so caught-up in the ‘religion of science’. We know that science has been often wrong! These multi-billion dollar industries say that Naturopaths have no evidence of effectiveness. I guess what they’re saying is that they just don’t trust mother nature. Just prescribing medicines to treat symptoms isn’t always such a good idea. The lazy-doctor antibiotic script approach may make the patient feel better … as if the doctor is actually doing something, but is it really the best thing for their long-term health?

These multi-million dollar corporations have infiltrated and taken control of so much in our society. It’s been said how they control the universities, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, media and so on. Because they’re so dominating, you’re normally, very unlikely to see any viable alternative options to this so called orthodox approach to your own health. However, what if, it’s the very drugs that your taking that’s actually keeping you sick? What if there was another way, rather than taking these drugs?

To get healthy, we need to break that sickness cycle. To do this, we to learn how to take good care of our-self. Knowledge can give us freedom. However, the main problem is that most people really just don’t care enough about their health to take that extra step. So many people care more about their car, computer, home … their favorite sports team, than their own health.

Who Truly Cares

Sadly, most people just don’t care about much. It seems as though they’ve been numbed down. Somehow they’ve lost their vitality, enthusiasm and passion for life. Hence they don’t value their health or their life. So many people suffer a an identity crises. They’ve lost touch with who they truly are. They’ve taken on others expectations of who they should be. Especially, the influence form our parents, schooling, our peers and the media. Can you remember who you were before the world told you who to be and how to be? How can you re-gain your true identity, your own well-being and your life.

To take a positive step forward, to escape the sickness industry and care more about our own well-being, we need to awaken our awareness about our-self  … and life! It’s not until someone has actually suffered enough that they’ll take the necessary steps to turn things around. We all acknowledge that medical doctors are experts at treating acute conditions such as with accident injuries and the like. However, it may be questioned at how well equipped they are at managing chronic diseases. It’s amazing how, as a Naturopath, so often my clients have been through a whole list of doctors without getting satisfactory results. Then finally they come to see a Naturopath to get to the bottom-line of what’s happening with their health.

Most Naturopaths will invest a significant amount of time with their clients, investigating and explaining how they got to where they are and how to get back out of the mess. Basically, a primary role of a Naturopath is education. Often it may be such as lifestyle changes, maybe diet modifications, exercise recommendations or some behavioral changes that can make a big difference.

Natural is Not Alternative

Most medical doctors just wants to prescribe drugs or to do surgery. However, we may ask, is this really addressing the true cause of a condition? We may ask if this represents a genuine interest in a clients health.

It seems, the main reason medical doctors have an aversion to Naturopaths is because they say ‘alternative medicine’ has not been proved to work. We may ask, has it been proved not to work? In saying that, again these doctors are basically admitting that they don’t trust mother nature. On the other hand, Naturopaths see that is truly nature that heals.

And of course, now-a-days with so much propaganda, championing the medical fraternity and downgrading Naturopaths, who would rather choose to listen to any Naturopath than the professional ‘advise’ of a ‘medical’ doctor. Especially when there is most probably so many ‘modern-day’ implications.

Naturopathy, at its heart, is about re-connecting with nature to help promote wellness. Naturopathic philosophy essentially says that it’s nature that heals. Once we have the vitality, and if the environmental factors are right, the body is basically self-healing. Thousands of years ago, Hipprocates said ‘let thy food by thy medicine’.

How can the medical fraternity say that Naturopathy is alternative when, for thousands of years, it has been the origional way of healing? In contrast the modern day approach to medicine are just the new kids in the block.

Naturopathic Philosophy

Most medical doctors just wants to prescribe drugs or to do surgery. If there’s a problem, either numb it with drugs or cut it out. Naturopathy is different in that it has a profound philosophy. Naturopathy seeks to identify and address the true underlying cause of a condition.

Rather than just health, a Naturopath seeks to promote wellness … a holistic approach to improving the whole of our life. Wellness can be seen as balance, of being healthy with positive thoughts, emotions, action and lifestyle. Naturopaths believe that healing is an inherent within us and merely aim to identify and remove the obstacles to recovery.

In doing this, a Naturopath sees their role as more of an educator, and encourages self-responsibility for enhancing wellbeing. A true doctor is ideally an educator, to help ‘draw out’ the inner wisdom and knowledge that’s required for healing.


The most rewarding aspect of being a Naturopath is seeing the great results that clients achieve. At the end of the day, it’s worth all of the frustrating challenges that we endure as a Naturopath. As clients get better, become better informed about their wellbeing and awaken there’s often no going backward. Often from an awakened awareness comes more self-development, self-care and even spiritual growth. A simple visit to a Naturopathic clinic is often the first step along an improved lifestyle.

Much of what Naturopaths promote, more-so is the concept of prevention. Many modern day Naturopaths now employ an array of sophisticated methods, such as ‘genetic profiling’ to help such as to better manage hereditary susceptibilities, as an example.

As a modern-day, pro-active Naturopath, I very much promote prevention with life-style coaching. You can find out more by contacting me.


Notice: This article is merely expressing opinions and there is no intended to make any claim to diagnose, treat, cure or offer any medical advise in any way. All rights reserved. For full disclaimer – please click here

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