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Time and Money

At a recent online chat room discussion it was asked; ‘What would you prefer to save time or money?’

Surprisingly, many people said money. Yet, we may say that once our time has gone, we can never get it back. And yet, can’t we always, somehow recoup our finances? Of course, it’s only a hypothetical question, and the answer very much depends on individual circumstances. Also, to get clearer, we may ask, how much time and money are we talking about? We may ask, who would be prepared to set aside just a few minutes to claim a ten million winnings on the lotto? I’m guessing, most people would say yes! So we may ask, when did we buy this idea that time is money?

The biggest excuse that most people make for not doing anything is that they don’t have the time or money. I’ve heard this lame excuse many times. Of course they’d be prepared to invest both time and money if they saw enough value in it for them. We all have opinions on time and money. Yet how many of those opinions are well informed? Interestingly, I’ve observed how those who are the most ‘educated’ may also be the most ‘captured’ into the ‘matrix’.

It just so happens that most people rather spend their time and money on distractions as a way to escape what’s really going on. Most people are distracted with entertainment. Entertainment is used as a ‘numbing medication’. This continual use of this ‘numbing medication’ has become an addiction. So long as there’s bottles of beer and a footy game to watch, that night on the town or that 7 day get-away cruise to look forward to most people most of the time don’t care too much about anything else. The likes of healing and self-development courses are only attractive to most people while they’re in pain or in turmoil. Once they’ve found they’re distraction, so often, many are not prepared to invest in their self growth. It’s much easier to whinge and whine when things don’t turn out as expected.

It’s interesting what our beliefs are around time and money. What are so many people prepared to sacrifice for this crazy thing called money? Remember, whilst we may always be able to recoup our finances, there are many things that we can never get back. So here’s  a question for you … what does money really mean to you? Most people spend so much of their time trying to get more money. It’s just so interesting what people will do for it. Would it make sense to get to know a bit more about the ‘money’ that so many people spend so much time working so hard to get. Can we really trust what we hear on the ‘lame-stream’ media about money? How much of what we’re told is real?

I’m guessing, there’s likely to be horrific changes around money in the next few years. Although this probably won’t really mean much immediately for those not aware of what’s really going on. There’s much that can’t be said here – now, in a public domain about money. Interestingly, I’ve heard so many times over the years that many people often don’t know what I’m talking about … and I understand, as it seems that there’s so much conditioning in our world, today, in so many ways that it’s often very difficult to see things any other way.

So, that’s why I developed the ‘Awakening-Awareness’ course. The ‘Awakening-Awareness’ course has evolved from a series of seminars I presented in the early 90’s  … which I called the ‘aspirant’ or then the ‘initiate’ training course. Some of you reading this may remember those courses. ‘Awakening-Awareness’ is about presenting an introduction in preparation for the next series of courses, being the on-line life coaching course … with the main components of Self-care, Self-development and Holistic Healing arts.

The ‘Awakening-Awareness’ course is essentially an ‘initiate’ course to help prepare aspirants to become more familiar with the philosophy, principals, concepts and terminology of the upcoming components of this life coaching course. We may say that an aspirant is one who ‘aspires’ to achieving something and an initiate is a beginner along the path. The ‘Awakening-Awareness’ course is to help gain an appreciation as to ‘why’ we would venture into these ‘life-coaching’ modalities. The ‘Awakening-Awareness’ course is to help ‘open our eyes’ to what’s happening and also what’s not happening in our world today. It’s to help gain an insight into what problems currently exist with our life in this world so that we’re better focused on what results to achieve.

The aim of the ‘Awakening-Awareness’ course is to help us live a happier life in the modern world. These are interesting times. Our modern day world is an interesting ‘melting pot’ of many wide and varied influences, such as with many mixed cultures, concepts and conditioning … with this, it’s showing-up both good and bad. Diversity can be a wonderful thing … if it’s well integrated.

Starting on the ‘Spring-Equinox’ this September, will be a new intake for 16 new members to the next Free Intro. Awakening-Awareness Online E-mail course. The 16 week Free Intro. Awakening-Awareness Online E-mail course is open by referral only from an existing member. To apply for membership for the Free Intro. Awakening-Awareness Online E-mail course – please click here

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Ron Bass Holistic Naturopath - Counsellor - Life Coach - Remedial Therapist - specialising in Stress, Pain & Fatigue Management


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