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Wrapping up the Time Warp

Wrapping up the Time Warp

With 21st December 2012 fast arriving you’re probably asking … what will happen?

The now-famous, ancient Mayan calendar marks a significant shift, a transition, a climax and turning point on this date with the alignment of our planet, our Sun and with the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way. This, according to the Mayan ‘Long Count’ calendar is the completion of a 26,000-year cycle. As we head into the Age of Aquarius on the December 21 Solstice alignment, is said this phenomenon marks the end and beginning the big cosmic clock. This cosmic passage is already being evidenced by extraordinary global natural events and consciousness awakening.

On this Solstice date, as the Sun moves into Capricorn, and aligns with the centre of the mysterious big black hole, it may or may not manifest in an obvious or spectacular way, but a great celebration is called for to bring forward a rebirth, a renewed cosmic energy wave and a new direction.

I see, along with this turning point and change of direction, also a transformation and transmutation. A transformation is essentially a switch, turning negative into positive Along with this alteration comes greater potential for transmutation. As more of an alchemical term, transmutation typically signifies the magical process of turning some inexpensive substance into more precious commodity, such as gold.

The basic principles behind biological transmutation are similar to those behind the philosophy of Taoist Alchemy, as Yin and Yang are surrendered unto each other. Also known as biological transmutations, we see examples every day, whereas the mysterious phenomena with the increase of calcium and decrease of potassium levels during the formation of common chicken egg shells, and also as an example, in the functioning within our own body with the transmutation of sodium to potassium. Also with various experiments where plants are capable of effecting the transmutation of elements. Also, many other examples, somewhat not only lies well outside what can be explained and adopted as mainstream understanding, but also simply outrages the scientific community.

Although the exact mechanisms of biological transmutations are unknown, by modern scientists, they still happen. Biological transmutations exist and cannot be denied; they are the very core of living nature, which could not function without them. It is said that scientists look into a box that is too small. To grasp a larger understanding, they need to see how we fit into the whole.
From a cosmological perspective, our planets position can affect life on earth in so many ways. And as we voyage into a new alignment within the Galaxy, this may open a portal for higher transmutation of unconsciousness to higher awareness, and enhanced spiritual awakening.

I see this as a paramount time to embrace the profound gift of Rebirthing. Rebirthing is essentially a breathing technique that grew out of the work of Leonard Orr, from California, US in the 1970’s. The name rebirthing was first used by Orr and his followers to describe the technique after they noticed that by reliving their own birth experiences through the breathing technique, they were able to unravel their birth trauma. Orr further developed the rebirthing process and discovered modifications in breathing practice that appeared to bring improvements in health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being.

I remember reading an ancient Ayurvedic quote explaining how, that which has a beginning also has an end, and it goes on to also say that which has no beginning also has no end. I believe the Matrix also adopted this quote. In Rebirthing terms, because of our birth, we are therefore destined to die. My Rebirthing philosophy is that the degree that we can resolve our birth trauma we can expand our Immortality Consciousness.

Solstice is always the best time for Rebirthing. 21st December 2012 is a very special date and the most ideal time for Rebirthing, to facilitate the expansion of consciousness on the planet.

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