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Value Determination Process

Thank-you Marcia, for facilitating me with step 1 of a Value Determination Process today.

Determining our priority of values can be very useful exercise. Our values may be determined by our unconscious voids, what is most missing in our life. As what we perceive as most missing, the void in our life may therefore become what we perceive as the most important value. Our fulfillment may be determined by the filling of our perceptually empty voids.

Dr John Demartini says; “ The hierarchy of your voids determines the hierarchy of your values” Also the hierarchy of our values can determine how we perceive what we selectively attend to, and how we act. Dr John Demartini says; “Although determining your values can be practically useful in your daily reality, in actually, nothing is void or missing in the first place, it is only in another unrecognized form. But what you perceive to be ‘missing’ will become what seems to be ‘important’. So this is why our private voids give rise to your public values. You fulfill a void and value through either a perception or an action”

Dr John Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. I have listened to many talks of Dr John Demartini over the years & I recommend this work.

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