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Celebrating the New Financial Year

Did you celebrate the beginning of the new financial year on the 1st of July. How exciting was it?  … did you party?
And of course we all notice that the weather is really getting very much warmer … and me must therefore have a ‘Carbon Tax’
… because that carbon is really BAD!!  … isn’t it?
Will this give us more to celebrate next year? … is it necessary to save us  … or is it just another big SCAM?  ..  and why was glodbal warming sceptic, Lord Christopher Monckton shut off radio in his visit to Australia?
… and of course we can celebrate the Uncle Sams economy  … of course they can fix it! … if they just keep goin’ as they are … hey!
Who does the governments owe the money to? … is it the international Banksters …  ?
… and what is the plan …   jusy keep paying off the debt to the Banksters! …  Why? …   isn’t the/US alrealy bankrupt??
Here are visuals of the USA debt. Other countries are proportional!
http://www.wtfnoway.com/   …  see the visualization  to help put into perspective by showing what 15 trillion dollars looks like …  so is Ron Paul spot- on when he says “It’s All a Fraud” … its fictitious’  see www.ronpaul.com
ummm … money, taxes … of course it’s real … isn’t it?  … or is it all just a big SCAM?

.. .   see www.AbundanceClub.net

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