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Gold Coast Drinking Water now with Toxic Chemical Flouride

The Gold Coasts’ population is now poisoned with the toxic chemical of fluoride.

The addition of fluoride to our drinking water is said to be a form of metaphysical control over mankind via the toxic influence of a chemical agent.

It is well documented that fluoride in the body has many adverse effects. It destroys over 50 important enzymes and their reactions. It displaces iodine in the thyroid (blocking the receptors), affecting the hormonal system and the metabolic system. It causes the free flow of calcium in the body to crystallize and lock up into a rigid state (which results in osteoporoses among other things). Yet, above and beyond all these physiological effects, the effect it has on calcium is quite similar to the effect it has on wo/man’s consciousness. It binds and limits consciousness and the ability to think broadly and to penetrate into the profounder nature of the cosmos in which s/he exists. It dumbs wo/man down. Obviously each individual Wo/Man can to some degree over-ride this effect if the pressure His spirit exerts on his body-mind-consciousness is strong and distinct enough.

Apparently in New Zealand, where there are many dairy farms farmer would have many cows and just a few bulls. The bulls are used to inseminate the cows, when the cows are “on heat” (fertile) the bows go crazy. Apparently it is almost impossible to stop the bulls from attempting to reach the cows. The farmer can install stronger (and thus more expensive) fences and stronger electric fences, but then the bulls might harm themselves and damage the fences. So what does the farmer do to dull down this natural drive and instinct of the bull?
Yes… he adds fluoride to the drinking water. The bull becomes docile and stays within the confirms the farmer has set for it.

Similarly, man under the influence of fluoride is dulled down and stays within the confirms the society has set for him. And who/what is behind this crime against Man? How is such a poison is added to water when all the evidence would make it seem like a completely irrational, dangerous, and idiotic thing to do. The rational behind this is not the one the people are presented with. You and I both know that line of logic fails. We are told it is good for our teeth. Yet all the evidence says otherwise, even the opposite.
(excerpted from Jonathan Evatt) – see website at www.jonathanevatt.com and www.feal.org


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