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Sick Lifestyle Syndrome


Is your poor lifestyle making you sick? Nowadays, so many health issues could be the result about the poor way we live. I call it the ‘Sick Lifestyle Syndrome’. Maybe it’s not a real syndrome per se, however this ‘SLS’ may actually be the main cause of most of our problems. Yet strangely, somehow this real underlying cause seems to go very much undetected in our modern society.

It could be said, our lifestyle is what we do, most of the time, most days. Yet it must also be said that sadly, most of the time most people are not doing what they love and consequently don’t have the time to do what they truly love. Hence if we’re not doing what we love so many people are suffering stress.

I’ve heard it said that working hard long hours on something we don’t really care about is called stress. Yet, working hard at something we truly love may be regarded as passion. There’s a big difference. Following our passion is healing yet slaving away at the grindstone all day is causing disharmony and disease. Hence to heal, we need to find and follow the passion in our life.

It’s been said, most of our health problems are due to a poor lifestyle .… so simply, to improve our health we need to improve our lifestyle! To improve our lifestyle we need to find and follow our passion. We need a an enhanced life-style with greater love & happiness.

I’ve seen where a  man with aches and pains all over his body goes to the Doctor, with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He says ‘Doc, just cure my symptoms but don’t expect me to change my lifestyle.’ Sadly this is just how so many people tend to think.

Our crazy world nowadays has become so consumer orientated. So many people are pounding away on the treadmill just to try to make ends meet. Yet, with their blinkers on, they haven’t looked sideways to be able to see any better options. Most people are caught in a trap where they don’t know how to get out.

Nowadays, slowly there’s an increasing awareness on how our environment affects our health. This is something that we should all be concerned about. The health implications of a poor lifestyle are enormous. If we don’t take action to address our lifestyle our health will only get worse. This is especially is you have an existing health issue.

To truly heal is to address the real cause, not just the symptoms. Frankly, the cause of most illness is stress … and most stress is from a poor lifestyle. It’s really that simple!

Statistics indicate that over 50% of the population are stressed. This stress adversely affects their health, quality of life, productivity, their family and our society as a whole. Most illnesses have their origins stemming from stress. Most accidents, dysfunctional relationships, addictions and problems in general could be attributed to stress. Yet the real cause of stress is a poor lifestyle.

To improve our lifestyle, we need to take better care of our-self. Really, no one is more interested in your welfare than yourself. So, show yourself that you care. It may be said that care is really analogous to love. So, simply put, if you don’t care for yourself, you really don’t love yourself.

I present a course called ‘Mojo Mentoring’ In this course, you will learn how to ‘Find, Ignite and Boost your Mojo’. You see, your ‘Mojo’ is your special niche in life. It’s where you shine more than anyone else.

Let’s ask, how much time are you spending doing what you truly love? How much time do you spend doing things you truly don’t care for? If you are not doing what you love … then what are you doing?

So we may say, if your lifestyle sucks, then do something about it! I recommend, as a first step, simply come along to a 1 hour introductory seminar.

Ron Bass is presenting a 1 hour ‘Holistic Lifestyle’ seminar on Thursday evening the 30th November at Robina on the Gold Coast.

In this insightful seminar you will gain a perspective on ways to improve your lifestyle. Ron will be sharing his insights on the following topics;
Honour Thy Temple … with holistic physical aspects of wellness
Conscious Creations … creating our life as a work of art
Loving Relationships … cultivating ‘win/win’ partnerships
Self-Empowerment … accessing wisdom from within
Mojo Mentoring … accessing your special talents and niche in life
Bio-Energetics … effectively expressing your epigenome
Ultra-Mind-Dynamics … taping into intelligence beyond the mind
Revelations … addressing the bigger issues for greater success

Also, you will gain a deeper insight into the main issues of our 21st century living … and much more.

I’m writing an E-Book: ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring’ which will be available for free … just for coming along to this seminar.
To book please phone Amber at Radiant Face & Body Clinic on 0755 788092 … or simply – to book …

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