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Mystical Winter


This article is an introduction to my ‘Living with the Seasons’ series of seminars, which is a component of the ‘Holistic Life-style Mentoring Course’. This article is adopted from various notes from a series of seminars, on-line courses and chapters of several books I’ve written on the topics.

Living with the Seasons

As we are a part of nature, the cycles of nature are also within us. Nowadays, in our so called ‘modern world’ so many people are just too busy, pounding away on the treadmill to take time to tune into the essence of who we are. The different seasons evoke the different aspects of our being. Winter is the season for access our deepest and most mystical aspect.

The Mystical Winter

Winter the mystical season time for going within and re-connecting with our relatively more subconscious or unconscious aspects. Our unconsciousness is that aspect of us that is mostly unacknowledged, unrecognised and hence vastly unknown. Yet here lies our potential to learn much more about our-self. Winter is the darkest season of the year. For most of humanity, throughout many cultures worldwide, winter has been recognised as the most mystical and sacred time. Traditionally, it’s been a time of going within to connect with the collective unconsciousness.

The Magic of Winter

Winter is the season to access the depths of our shadow. Here we embrace our relatively more dark-side. As we dive deeper within and access the depths of our core, we may find a much more still place to dwell. In this stillness, we may reflect deeper upon our shadow, our dark side to become whole. It’s our natural quest to seek wholeness, that which are really already are. In this process, our soul and spiritual aspects re-connect and merge together, into wholeness.

Seeking Wholeness
Our mission is to bring the many fragmented aspects of our-self together into one integrated whole. As we’re achieving wholeness, we’re healing. This healing happens as we resolve our various conflicts. As we journey within, we may recognise what seemed to be the outer enemy is really the inner conflict. As we take the voyage to our core, we begin to become more conscious of our essence, As we retreat from the superficial external world, to open ourself up, we begin exposing our dark side to the light. As this time magic happens. It’s at this time, being passive, practicing the art of doing without doing, bathing in the darkness, as our karma is unfolding we may without effort also be realising our potential.

The Consciousness Revolution

The more conscious of our unconscious aspects we can become, the more conscious we may become. As we awaken, we may realise how really, the more out of harmony we are from nature, the further we escape from reality, the more it’s harming us. Most people much of the time rather be in denial, refusing to accept responsibility. They rather hide behind the lies we’ve been fed. It’s too upsetting to believe so we try to go back into our shells and pretend it’s not real. The movie, called the Matrix helped many people to awaken to the possibility that everything is not necessarily as it seems. Never-the-less, there’ much happening to help awaken us from out of our slumber. More and more people are experiencing some sort of awakening.

What does Winter mean for you?

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